Can a divorced woman ever find true love?The key comes down to this: motivation

01 as the saying goes: divorce is consciousness, remarriage is unrepentant.For many divorced women, finding true love is a rare event, because the experience of their first marriage has taught them that remarriage is nothing more than “living together.”Want to find a good man, and it is so easy, if it were so easy, their first marriage would not go to divorce this step.Therefore, whether a woman can find true love after divorce depends on one point, that is: the “pure motives” of the boyfriend.The so-called motivation, in the psychological phenomenon belongs to the psychological state, with three aspects of the function: 1, stimulate the function, stimulate the individual to produce a certain behavior 2, pointing to the function, so that the individual behavior points to a certain goal 3, maintain and adjust the function, so that the individual behavior maintain a certain time, and adjust the intensity and direction of the behavior.According to the origin of motivation, it can be divided into physiological motivation and social motivation.The former is related to the physiological needs of the organism;The latter is related to the social needs of the organism.According to the causes of motivation, it can be divided into intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.The former is caused by the internal causes of the organism itself (such as hormones, central nervous arousal state, ideal, desire, etc.);The latter is caused by the organism’s external triggers (such as the opposite sex, food, money, rewards and punishments).02 After understanding the meaning of motivation, we return to the theme and continue to explore whether women can meet true love after divorce, why they must have “pure motivation”?Looking back at the real society, we should be able to see a lot of social phenomenon, that is, some divorced women, often do not become better, but become worse, this is why?Now all advocate women economic independence, is it true that women can not live without men?In fact, in recent years, China’s economy has been developing rapidly, and science and technology are making continuous progress. But there is one thing we have to admit, that is, in the current economic development, more and more people have appeared the “integrity” crisis.Not only did not have the money of the people, cheater also more, get to later, but also out of a “anti-fraud center”, requiring everyone under.This also has, a lot of divorced women in talking about friends, motives become not pure, began to try to cheat eat cheat drink cheat money, the man’s feelings to play with the hands above, and finally the whole sentence, your salary can not support me, we are not suitable.Frankly, this kind of behavior is to delay others, also delayed, but after the divorce, a woman who only want to eat, drink, and be merry, don’t think it is delayed, but feel made, only the paring of men have no money will not be able to also communicate with her, she didn’t feel this man is a waste of time, delay her for development and a rich man.To sum up, a divorced woman can meet true love, depends on whether her “motive” is pure, a woman whose motive is not pure, from the beginning did not pay the heart, it is difficult to get the true love of others, and finally nothing more than a bamboo basket of water.Some people may say, not all women are not pure motives, there are good women, good women don’t deserve true love?I want to say, a good woman to meet a good man, itself is a rare thing.Before I read a very interesting statistics: The Chinese grand lottery three times a week, the probability of the first prize is 1 in 17 million.If a person starts at the age of 18 and lives to 100 and buys the same number more than 13,000 times in 82 years, the probability of losing his first prize in his lifetime is 0.0007.And a person’s life will meet 29.2 million people, the probability of two people falling in love, only 0.000049, than a lifetime to buy the same lottery winning rate is lower.Therefore, it is a miracle in itself that two people can meet in the circle. What is more, it is a miracle that two people can still love each other and not mind that the other has been divorced. What a great fate!”The Weak Side of Human Nature” said: “No one will be down and out when you, as always good to you.If a woman is not financially independent after divorce, the first problem she faces is the “survival” problem.To put it bluntly, thinking about the road after every day how to go, and how to survive, is very difficult, also very down and out, can really be good to you as always, never abandon, may be 100 people, also can not find such a.Summary: a woman after divorce, don’t tangle can not meet true love, live yourself first, before considering other, don’t always think about my divorce, I want to find a house I, a personal life is so hard, it will be down from a pit to another pit, remember, if you are in full bloom, the butterfly come (what kind of person you are, what kind of person will attract).Reference: “cognitive neuroscience” “marriage” hello, stranger, I am Canliu, I am self-sufficient here, write some trivial emotions into words, here you have happened, and did not happen, we are all alone, the beginning and the end are so lonely, glad to meet you.Beg attention!

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