Choose a horse in a race

“I am very honored to participate in this competition for the director of township health centers.I really cherish this opportunity and thank the organization for providing a platform for our candidates to show their talents.I want to realize my life dream through my own efforts.”Has successfully competed for the appointment of tai Ci town central health center president of the deputy chief physician Nie Dong said.This is a few days ago, Anhui Province Wangjiang County health commission on the sixth floor of the meeting in the township health center president of the evaluation site of an epitome.In this township health hospital director competition assessment site, 10 competition personnel are from different angles of passion to elaborate their own competition work plan, ideas and measures.Wangjiang County Health commission attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, further optimize the cadre team.The introduction of talent innovation measures, in the “horse race to choose the horse”, to create conditions for the outstanding young employees who want to work, can work, do work, build a “fair, just, open” competition platform.Gather talents: “Choose horses in horse racing” “Compete for the appointment of township health centers’ deans among qualified vice presidents to fully tap the potential of internal talents.By selecting the best of the best, we can select the best of the best to the maximum extent suitable for the job requirements, so as to make the best use of talents.”County health committee director Fan Jieyou said.In the “race to choose the horse”, so that people who are willing to work, can do things, do things have a stage.County health commission broke the previous practice of paying attention to seniority, adhere to the principle of openness, equality, competition and selection of the best, in the county health system through open competition to select the main head of township health centers.Established by county WeiJianWei main leaders coalesced into making a work leading group, for eligible candidates from the aspects such as age, education, length of service, the title has carried on the comprehensive examination, from the aspects of capacity performance and development potential, a comprehensive evaluation finally took out four (one President of three towns and townships and the county health school principals) compete for jobs.The county of the organic combination of the interview, assessment, pay attention to bring into full play the positive role of “DE” in making a selection, learn the basic information of an object through the system and the reality, from the political and moral character, professional ethics, family virtues, and social ethics aspects of perfecting the cadre evaluation standard of “DE”, improve the pertinence of “DE”, full and accurate understanding of the cadres, their political integrity.”We attach great importance to the recruitment of the president of township health centers and the party group of Wangjiang County Health Commission, to ensure fairness, fairness and openness, and to ensure that excellent talents come to the fore.In the selection process, the county health commission party group held special meetings for many times, the implementation of the competition selection plan for collective discussion and decision.Make sure interviews and assessments are fair, impartial and open.”Fan jieyou said.In the whole selection process, in addition to the interview topic strictly confidential, every move, every detail is the first time to the county health system announced, all procedures have realized the interlocking, rigorous norms.Competition judges are composed of committee members, leaders of secondary institutions and main leaders of medical and health units to ensure all-round transparency of competition.The county strictly implemented the discipline of selecting and appointing personnel, set up a suggestion box and a telephone report, strictly prohibited favoritism, fraud, good relatives and friends and other violations of organizational discipline, clean discipline, to ensure that every link, every step in the sun transparent operation.The county health commission adhere to “a ruler to measure to the end”, and through the spot lottery to determine the interview, assessment order.We adhered to democratic centralism, listened to the opinions of all parties, evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of contestants, and made scientific decisions on the basis of full deliberation and careful discussion.”County health Committee party group to build a platform for us, with many excellent peers on the same stage competition, through competition to find their own advantages, see their own shortcomings, clear the direction of the future work, harvest a lot.Has competed for the county health school principal Liao Suzi said.Adhere to good for to both as the guide, constantly improve the cadre selection and evaluation mechanism, strengthen the supervision of cadres check, strengthen the management of cadres, technical talents, skills, talents team construction, adhere to choose from, vice President of the young ok, pay attention to the experience accumulated in a line, ability in a line, with the talent to promote business, rely on business talents, will be based on the post, hard work,Key personnel capable of doing things are selected to important posts.”We have changed the mechanism of ‘bole judging horses’ to’ horse racing ‘, so that those who are willing, capable and successful can have opportunities, platforms and positions, and set up a ‘fast track’ for the healthy growth of young workers in the whole system.”Fan Jieyou said.(Wang Shuangfa, Xu Daoping, Cao Shiwei)

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