How much savings do you have before retirement?The pension is equivalent to 1,500 yuan more per month

President Wen pension has become an indispensable part of retirement life, but some freelance workers because of the earlier work income is higher, and do not have the consciousness of paying social security, after retirement can replace the pension through savings interest.In this regard, many people have a question: before retirement, have “how much” savings, equivalent to an extra 1,500 yuan a month pension.Come straight to the point.With the increasing living standards of residents in recent years, the global economy is facing a severe test, whether prices rise or improve living standards, almost all need “money” to maintain.Moreover, once people enter old age, various physical functions will decline correspondingly, and some even often fall ill in hospital. Although the medical insurance system has been gradually improved, part of the cost also needs to be paid out of pocket.According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the average pension in China has reached 3,030 yuan, which is barely enough to cover daily living expenses for most senior citizens.It is worth noting that 3,030 yuan is just the average standard of pension, although there are many people above the standard, but there are also many people who collect less than 3,000 yuan of pension every month.Especially for workers at the bottom of the social security payment base is low, although the payment period is also 15 years, but because of the low base, the monthly pension can get only a few hundred yuan.In particular, it is difficult for retirees who are already suffering from diseases to survive without the help of their children.So in such a premise, how to improve the security of retirement?There are many situations in life where pensions are not enough, and this highlights the importance of saving.According to calculation, on the basis of original annuities, take 1500 yuan more every month, the retired life of the elderly will be greatly improved.Many people wonder how much they need to save to get an extra 1,500 yuan a month in pension before they retire.How many deposits do you have to earn more than 1500 yuan per month?Based on the current interest rate of 0.35 percent, it would take at least 5.14 million yuan to earn 1,500 yuan in interest per month.However, how many people in the society can accumulate more than 5 million savings?If you really have 5.14 million yuan in hand, you will not only deposit it in the bank and wait for the interest of 1500 yuan per month, but also buy a house, buy a car and enjoy life.How much would you need for a time deposit?The interest rate of time deposit increases with the increase of the deposit term, which is 2.1% for one year, 2.6% for two years and 3.25% for three years. There may be fluctuations in occasional holidays, but the overall impact is not great.According to the calculation, to generate 1,500 yuan of interest per month, you need to deposit 857,100 yuan for one year, 6222,300 yuan for two years and 553,800 yuan for three years.Moreover, in recent years, some state-owned banks have also introduced the deposit method of large certificate of deposit, with a threshold of 200,000 yuan and an interest rate of 3.35%. In fact, there is not much difference between them and the three-year fixed deposit, but the interest rate of many small banks is relatively higher.Even so, most people are not convinced. After all, state-owned banks are safer and more reliable.It is indeed a common phenomenon that small banks have low interest rates. The highest interest rate of three-year time deposit can reach 3.98%, and the monthly interest rate of 1,500 yuan can be realized with 452,200 yuan deposited.Due to safety issues, small banks tend to have small customers, and depositors are likely to lose their money in the event of sudden bankruptcy, which is why the interest rate is high.In fact, this understanding is biased. Small and medium-sized banks are also under the supervision of relevant regulatory authorities. Even if they fail accidentally one day, depositors’ deposits will be compensated accordingly.If the bank is acquired, deposits are automatically transferred to the new account, so there is no need to worry about the savings disappearing.In addition, there is another way.After social security satisfies pay fixed number of year 15 years, still can choose to continue pay actually, pay fixed number of year is longer means the pension that picks up in the future will be more.Imagine starting social work at the age of 25 and paying social security for 15 years at the age of 40.He still has 15 years to retire.Fifteen years is the dividing line, with some people stopping contributions and collecting only the minimum amount after retirement, while others continue to contribute until retirement age.At the same level, those who stick to their contributions will receive a much larger monthly pension.In particular, the recent high-profile “delayed retirement” will be a good time for most faculty members to continue contributing to social security.

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