Moose mattress takes the lead in smart mattress track to create a high degree of freedom cloud sleep scene

Today, the decline in sleep quality and sleep anxiety has become a common social phenomenon, and the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence technology and biotechnology, as well as people’s pursuit of high-quality life, also promote the explosion of intelligent sleep products opportunities.As a household product that directly affects sleep quality, smart mattress category is more welcome development good news.In the mattress industry, Fa-force Smart mattress mousse has shown the style of the leader. It not only enters the market with intelligent mousse mattress, but also takes mousse mattress as the core to build a cloud sleep scene with high degree of freedom based on people’s healthy sleep needs with multiple smart homes and fa-force intelligent Internet of things.Since its establishment in 2004, Moose has been committed to bringing smart and healthy sleep solutions to people with the mission of “let people sleep better”.Xing at the beginning of digital Yao Jiqing mousse group vice chairman, President and try to put forward the problem of the digital age sleep depends on digital means to solve the “, and lead the company resources integration of the global health sleep, released the first generation to the seventh generation of healthy sleep system, active embrace the forefront of scientific and technological achievements, to promote industry into the era of intelligent mattress.T10 mousse seventh generation intelligent sleep system, for example, its carrying the AI intelligence, ergonomics, big data, such as cutting-edge technology, to intelligent active perception lay on the mattress user shape data, matching with the analysis of big data technology “tailored” the support of joint, with exclusive custom personalized experience, high quality sleep.In addition to the mattress support performance, morpheus habit is also a major factor that affects morpheus quality, sleep turn over, snoring and other sleep when not aware of the behavior, can affect morpheus quality.In order to make users clear about their sleep problems and improve them, this Mousse mattress can also carry out accurate monitoring of heart rate, respiration, body movement, snoring, depth of sleep and other data, and generate detailed sleep health reports based on the monitoring data to help users to intervene with symptoms.Intelligent technology gives more imagination to sleep scenes and products.At a time when there are so many competitors on smart mattress track, Mousse once again plays the role of pathfinder and creates a whole set of smart and healthy sleep solutions centering on mousse mattress products.This new generation of intelligent and healthy sleep solution is based on the concept of “cloud sleep”, centering on core hardware such as Mousse mattress,IOT scenarios are constructed by two platforms (big data platform, Smart Moosis IOT platform), one software product (Health and beauty Pataopai), one sleep health service (sleep health consulting service and solution provision), and one cross-border ecological integration application (Hongmeng System application).Many intelligent products into a whole system to bring users a full range of intelligent life and intelligent sleep services, reshape the close relationship between people and sleep.These efforts are all aimed at precisely satisfying the public’s desire for healthy sleep in the digital age.A good brand will focus on solving human needs and social problems.In the future, Mousse will continue to create intelligent sleep products, so that technology can change sleep and “let people sleep better”.

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