More than 60 years old in order to grandson gatekeeper, New Year’s Eve does not have a holiday, the family in a dormitory in other places for the New Year

During the Spring Festival, I chatted with the old Sun Tou of the property management community for a period of time. The reason why I could chat with him was also due to a very accidental reason.On New Year’s Eve, my family said they should throw away the garbage as soon as possible, saying that they should not throw away the garbage on the first day of the New Year.I don’t know who made this tradition, since it is said by the elders, we should abide by it.I met Lao Sun Tou when I was taking garbage downstairs. Lao Sun Tou is the gate keeper of our community. He lives in Xi ‘an with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandson.The first thing I said to Sun Tou that day was happy New Year, and sun Tou also replied happy New Year.It was already eight or nine in the evening, and I wondered why Lao Sun Tou was still in the yard at this time.Just asking if he’s still on duty?Sun tou said he couldn’t leave work until 11 o ‘clock, when everyone else had already gone home for the Spring Festival.I feel this also too pit, after all old sun head is also the person of more than 60 years old, a person of big New Year’s day wants to turn to 11 o ‘clock in village, village property this is not bully honest person?Who knows old Sun tou said it was his own will, because there is nothing to do back at this point.Sun Tou lives in the dormitory arranged by the property management. It is an old two-story building with single rooms, so open fire is forbidden. Cooking is not allowed in the property management dormitory, so we can only do some simple cooking at ordinary times.Lao Sun tou said that all his family members were having dinner in the room now, and he came out after eating a little. Because he was on duty in the community during the Spring Festival and had nothing to do, he was paid a high salary on that day. Of course, he had to give it to young people if he couldn’t stay up late at night.Lao Sun tou said that there were not many relatives in his hometown, and his family was also used to the life in Xi ‘an. Although there was a house in his hometown, it had not been taken care of for many years. It was better to stay in Xi ‘an and earn some money for a trip back during the Spring Festival.I know the family condition of Lao Sun’s head. He is the gatekeeper of our community (that is, the gatekeeper, even the security guard is not) and the part-time garbage removal and transport work of the community. He also collects cartons and plastic bottles when he has nothing to do.His wife, a street cleaner, is also fine collecting cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.The son is selling, the daughter-in-law has no job, and the grandson is going to primary school this year, in a public primary school not far from the community.I don’t know the income of sun’s first family, but he told me that he was an old man and only wanted to leave something for his grandson.Sun tou temper is very good to see who is happy, so in the community is very popular, usually who buy express paper boxes will give him to keep, I naturally no exception.Lao Sun likes sitting in the sun at the door of the dormitory, playing all kinds of old songs with his mobile phone.His wife was rarely seen in the yard, usually searching floors of the neighborhood for unwanted cardboard boxes.Once the milk of an inhabitant carelessly carried away when waste product, result was checked by the other side monitoring discovery, return compensate the other side dozens of yuan, was scolded by the old sun head to cry.He said that his son was lazy, but I don’t think so. Once I came home from work very late and saw his son wearing work clothes and riding a scooter back to the community. His son, Xiao Sun, came back so late almost every day.Sun usually doesn’t talk to anyone, unlike his father, but every morning he can see his son riding a scooter to send him to school.Originally, the property only allocated a dormitory to Lao Sun tou’s family, but Lao Sun tou’s wife often did cleaning work for the property for free. The son would also help his father carry garbage when he was free, and even the grandson would help him when he was on vacation.The whole family worked for the property management, so the property management reserved the only apartment for their family — in any case, there was no shortage of dormitories, but free labor.Because of this old head a can live together, he often went to the children in the yard to take reading, always with you and your son as cautionary tale – old heads haven’t been to school, have done before construction workers, since old did not guarantee that after applying gatekeeper, old man because of my poor waist before he retired early.Although Lao Sun tou always says that he and his son are not in good humour, he thinks highly of his grandson and often praises his grandson’s cleverness to us.Sun Headman looked quite strong. I had a cigarette and talked with him for a while on New Year’s Eve, and he told me once again why his family didn’t go home for the New Year.Lao Sun head in the past more pain son, but who knows the son grew up after the poor, do not earn money still always want to daydream of wealth, finally was cheated owe a ass debt, affected to the family can not continue to live in the old home, can only move the family to the other place.Fortunately, through the efforts of the family in these years, the son owed the foreign debt also almost.But because the hometown has not been back for many years and relatives will talk back, naturally it is better to stay in Xi ‘an.Even though you have to work on New Year’s Eve, it’s not a big deal to think that when you get off work you’ll be home and your family will be together.Most of the security guards and guards in the community are elderly people. Some of them are the parents of the owners of the community. Because they have nothing to do to see their children, they are employed as security guards in the community.Sun tou said that although his son is not the owner of the community, he gets along well with several security guards, and they take care of him because of his age.Met old head, a few days ago from work and he said that his grandson now waiting for the school, also said that he had wryly want son to earn money for his pension, results for son to pay even now, only hope to have ambition, when grandchildren, of course, he does not want to grandson to support himself, he said his son to earn money now also not give, all for the grandson.After saying that, I watched him push his small cart, pulling the paper box just sorted above, happily walked to the dormitory building……I believe Lao Sun Tou’s life is not easy, but he is still very optimistic. If knowing the truth of life and still loving life is a kind of realm, Lao Sun Tou should belong to a relatively high realm.The clothes Lao Sun tou wears are all given by the residents of the community, and he will do whatever he can for free on weekdays.Every time he met the residents in the community, he always put himself in a humble position and talked about his shortcomings and the faults of his wife and son. Nevertheless, his family had been together all these years, which was a lucky thing compared with many people in the community.Lao Sun likes to laugh at himself perhaps more because of the forced life!Leaving their family at an age that only they can understand.In fact, if conditions permit, I think he still wants to go back to his hometown. He once accidentally said that his family had been wandering in other places for so many years, and he did not know what the yard of his hometown was like now…

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