National football team, sky-high salaries do not play live

The National football team, with its sky-high salaries, doesn’t play?It’s morally corrupt. It’s rotten.They do not have the faith to win glory for the country, and do not have the confidence to win for China.Look at their fat and fat, you can see that they are shameless.Think about it. Why is Bruce Lee a winning general?Just because Bruce Lee’s body is made of muscle.How did you get all these tendons?That’s all Bruce Lee did, one move at a time. It’s not lying on his back.The men’s football team is hopeless. Its management, physical quality, psychological quality, career philosophy, overall management and so on do not meet the requirements of the industry, let alone the expectation of the motherland.Why use them when everyone knows they can’t do anything, when everyone knows they’ve been beaten a hundred times?Who’s holding up this rotten wall?Who is standing behind this crumbling building?And a bunch of overpaid chickens that don’t lay eggs every year?Whose responsibility is this?Now it seems that this situation is not only caused by the fault of the men’s football players themselves, the people who started the men’s football players should be held accountable.You know they’re foam bricks, and you use them as bricks to build your wall?Knowing that they are Ma Su, armchair strategist, unworthy of the name, but you let them to guard the street pavilion?You tell me, whose fault is this?The wise man said, “It’s all money.”Insider trading, no?You know!Alas, understand a classic sayings: in this world, there is no love without any reason, there is no hatred without any reason.Quote this sentence to today’s violent men’s football incident, it is easy to understand.Men’s soccer, it seems, is used all the time for no reason.Is it possible that existence is really all reasonable?Voice: You taste it!You fine taste!!

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