One night, two reversals!You can always trust these Chinese girls

Saturday night the Chinese female ice and the Chinese women’s team has better news with the girls action interpretation “women don’t let a man” the Chinese team in the women’s Asian cup finals in the 2-0 down to recover and take the final winner 3-2 win over South Korea backs miracle after 16 years in ninth win the Asian cup title together to review the Chinese women’s epic reversal of memorable moments left left left in People’s DailyWinning the Asian Cup in 16 years!Fight to the last minute Chinese girl good job!In the previous video, Beijing Olympic women’s hockey in the third round of group stage today, the Chinese team made the group two wins 2:1 reversal of Japan, the Chinese female ice will be a final group match against Sweden in one night two reverse never give up until the end you can always believe that the Chinese girl source: People’s Daily WeChat

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