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This morning my net friend Mr. Fucha fucha chenfeng wrote “Manchurian Custom” after I think some Manchurian custom combined with the “Qing Tongjian” I read yesterday afternoon I found that our Jiangsu native experts prepared the history of the Qing Dynasty is basically objective.I tell a story about the first year of Chongde in qing Dynasty, which is recorded in “Qing Tongjian”. It is said that in the 12th month of the first year of Chongde in Qing Dynasty, merchants in Shengjing raised prices, resulting in the lack of money for Spring Festival goods.Emperor Taiji of the Qing Dynasty found out and ordered Erdai to control prices and not allow them to raise prices but later found it impossible to control them.Many people borrow money to do their New Year shopping.And people to borrow money to do New Year’s goods is the need to return the principal and interest after the year, so Huangtaiji let the flag owner of the eight flags out of 100 ounces of silver to stabilize prices to avoid more people to borrow money to do New Year’s goods.In the article “Manchurian Custom”, Mr. Fucha Chenfeng truthfully wrote that in the Qing Dynasty, the poor people were looking for people with high esteem to do the guarantee to borrow money to do the lunar New Year goods and then wait for the New Year even with interest.I personally feel that the custom of borrowing money to do Spring Festival goods is not good, because there are two problems: the first is the need to pay interest to borrow money, in case this person’s labor capacity is limited he also can’t do?Second, the person who borrowed the money, he ran away because he was afraid of the interest. Is the person who guaranteed the money going to be pursued by others?We have a good custom in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, which is the rich to help the poor. How to help is the principle of ten families to help one or several families. For example, a family or a small family can’t afford to buy New Year goods because of their limited labor capacity.So in the New Year by their more rich people in the town Generously giving some necessities for him to help him through year end week, for example, the rich man presented with a few pieces of pork, the king of the rich man give him some fish Li Caizhu again this week to send him a few jins of vegetables home, wang li to do good, and the poor also benefit also no need to repay the debt.If the family is not too shy to accept gifts from others, he can also help back. No one will be poor all his life. Perhaps the people who are helped by others will be promising in the future.There is a saying that teaching a man to fish is the way to help him get rich. It is a great wisdom to teach others. So I think the best way to help someone is to find the root of his poverty and help him through the hard times.Of course, there are some people who have difficulties because of disability or illness and that can help as much as possible.This article is a personal opinion that you may or may not take.This article was originally published on 100 Happy to see 100

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