Russia withdrew, the market risk aversion receded, driven by risk aversion gold prices will be what?

Recently affected by the tension between Russia and Ukraine, high market risk aversion, such as gold and silver havens and strategic reserves of oil and other commodity prices have not small amplitude increases, but there are many reports that part of the Russian army military exercises yesterday after the return to base, with Russia’s withdrawal, early all relieve tense geopolitical situation,Risk aversion also receded, with safe-haven assets gold and silver tumbling, crude oil down 3.5%, global stock markets up, and most European and US Treasury bonds up.However, we need to note that the withdrawal of part of the Russian military is a good sign, but it does not mean that the russia-Ukraine conflict is over, the withdrawal is only part of the withdrawal, there are still many uncertainties in the future, the situation should not be too optimistic.The aftermarket view for gold, silver and oil;Crude oil:Recent crude oil affected by Europe’s energy shortage and to return to work after the outbreak and production, after the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine to stimulate oil prices continue upward, but I also mentioned in front of the crude oil of several factors could fall at any time, if the first point is the Iranian nuclear negotiations results of Iran’s oil poured into the market will be a larger impact on oil prices, the second is that the current global epidemic situation is still grim,The number of new positive cases in Europe and the United States is still very high, and it is difficult to effectively control the epidemic in the short term, which will also affect economic activities and reduce the demand for crude oil. Third, most major economies led by the United States are crude oil consumers.So these oil-consuming countries, under inflationary pressure, will try to take measures to keep prices down.And recently, the Iranian nuclear negotiations have made certain progress, part of the United States have been lifted on Iran’s blockade, although not all didn’t let go, but progress trend is good, and Iran’s crude oil into the market is something sooner or later, a drop in oil prices was making signs, but as the situation in Russia and Ukraine upgrade oil prices rise again, but the current situation in Russia and Ukraine,The oil price has also reached a high level, so the probability of oil price decline is very high in the later stage. In the short term, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has not completely eased, but also can bring certain support to the oil price. If the situation improves, the probability of oil price falling is also very high.Gold and silver aspects: its recent is the federal reserve to raise interest rates and boost mutual game of geopolitics, and from the market reaction for early has digested the bad influence of the federal reserve to raise interest rates in the near future geopolitical conflict of gold to boost effect is obvious, but the current geopolitical conflict mitigation, market risk aversion to abate gold under the condition of short line regression weak probability is larger.But it is not likely to fall in the short term, just to give up part of the hedge gains, and the Fed’s interest rate hike expectations have been digested in advance almost, short-term weak shock after a period of time to return to the shock of the probability is very large.Comprehensive view: crude oil and other varieties of crude oil, such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), PTA, asphalt, fuel oil and other varieties will be greatly affected by crude oil. If crude oil falls sharply, a series of energy varieties will fall with it. In terms of trading, I suggest that we either continue to wait and see, or try to look short.Gold and silver are also the same short – term or wait-and-see or bearish, but the bearish interval and time should not be too large, it is expected that the gold price will return to the shock next week.Want to learn more wonderful content, quick to focus on financial miss huang, this article is to share this, this paper views on behalf of the individual not only as a investment basis, specific transactions still need dish in real-time adjustment, any investment deals welcome comments area exchanges, pay attention to miss huang for more investment information, remember to focus on, thumb up recommendations and sharing, thank you!

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