Take group photos, guess lantern riddles…Teachers and students of Bocai High Tangping Experimental Primary School in Changsha are having fun

Huasheng online February 15 news (correspondent Luo Xiao reporter Lai Yongyuan) this morning, Changsha Bo CAI High Tangping experimental primary school to carry out “know the Winter Olympics guess lantern riddles to celebrate the Chinese festival” theme activities, the whole school teachers and students actively participate in, feel the joy of sports and the charm of traditional culture.At the event, students took photos with various sports models to express their love for the Winter Olympics.At the same time, they learned more about the Winter Olympics and snow and ice sports from the introduction of “Star of Winter Olympics” and the explanation of “Sports Events”.Among all kinds of projects, guessing lantern riddles is the most popular. Riddles are close to daily life and lead students into the world of traditional Chinese culture.The person in charge of the activity expressed the hope that through this activity, the children could pass on the fighting spirit of the sport, and also inherit the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and feel the charm of traditional culture in the interaction.

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