The mixed-race campus beauty of Zhejiang University has attracted a lot of attention

Being admitted to college is the motivation for many students to keep on learning. The knowledge, atmosphere and environment in college campus attract students’ choice.With the rise of China’s international status, many foreign students choose domestic universities to have a deeper understanding of the content of Chinese culture and access to more advanced knowledge and information.These international students, from all over the world, with different skin colors and hair colors, add a different landscape to the campus.Some international students have no resistance to the Chinese culture which has been handed down for thousands of years. They still choose to stay in China after learning, feel the charm of different countries and make contributions to the spread of Chinese culture. Some of them have excellent looks and attract people’s attention., much attention has been paid to zhejiang university half-blood beauty appearance delicate face “her”, I heard that Chinese super swagger, “there is companion come from afar, joy” is famous and popular in China, has welcomed the students in our country, also want to see China’s beautiful, almost famous university has relevant policy for international students, many key university and student exchange principle,It has promoted the cultural and communication between China and foreign countries.Of course, many international students who choose to come to China are also interested in China and willing to make friends with students.Earlier, an international student from Zhejiang University became an Internet sensation for her exquisite appearance.This student is rumored to be zhejiang University international students campus flower, the name is also very domineer, called Qin Fei.Zhejiang University not only ranks among the top universities in China, but also enjoys a good reputation in the world. It is also known as the “Oriental Cambridge”.Domestic students want to take an examination of Zhejiang University is not easy, the college entrance examination score line is about 680 points, popular professional score requirements are higher, it can be imagined that international students want to enter Zhejiang University, it is estimated that it will be more difficult, indicating that this student is also a certain strength.After entering Zhejiang University, She worked harder and made full use of her spare time. In her spare time, she would do part-time jobs to gain income and accumulate social experience.Concubine Qin did not bring a sense of superiority to herself because of her delicate appearance. Instead, she was very low-key in school, positive and gentle and generous, which attracted a lot of netizens’ attention. However, it was said that she had met love and decided to stay in China and settle down in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.If you want to fly higher, you need to have firm faith and courage to go all out. Although Qin Fei is just an overseas student in Zhejiang University, she has the courage to go to a strange country alone, lead a positive life and keep studying hard. In fact, she is also a model for many “Buddhist” college students to learn.Buddhist college students gradually increase, students still have ideals, have the pursuit of many people must have heard of “Buddhist” college students, after entering the university, do not fight or rob, every day on campus at three points, lost the youthful vitality of college students, but also the United States does not want to roll.Especially many ordinary university students, learning is just in the past, class cadres or students will not participate in, think “useless”, “delay time”, more time wasted in the bedroom after drama.They did not work hard in college, but after graduation, they found that they were far behind their peers and had to “lie flat” in the fierce competition for jobs.In fact, the increasing number of Buddhist college students is not a good signal. Is it right for students to study Buddhism when they should work hard and “lie down” when they should struggle?After more than ten years of hard study, students have the opportunity to study in the university. Students should also seize the learning opportunity and strive for their future development, just like the Princess Qin, grasp the hard-won learning opportunity and make a good plan for their future development. Being happy is not the best choice for students.Have ideal, have pursuit of college students, is expected to usher in a better future, college students should know what you want, and work hard, study hard professional knowledge, enhance their strength, and lays the foundation for future job and development, whether to choose one’s deceased father grind, male, or employment, students are supposed to graduate in advance planning, responsible for your own life.Level of appearance is not a must, level of students to correctly treat appearance and strength of the relationship may be someone will say, because the level in appearance, to let more people know Qin Fei, students can also understand that level only auxiliary in appearance, being recognized is more important, Qin Fei indeed level outstanding appearance, but personal strength is very strong also, love of learning, positive and uplifting, will be more and more people focus on.In addition to the image of the high requirements of the post, many employers will not pay too much attention to the appearance of students, ability is the first, capable students can go further and higher, so we still need to focus on improving ability.I also hope that college students cherish their college life, do a good job in professional courses, learn professional knowledge, correctly view the relationship between the level of appearance and strength, do not continue to “Buddha”, find the motivation for progress.Have you ever met a buddhist college student?Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.Pictures from the network, if any infringement please contact delete.For more exciting content, come to huicong teacher

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