The three places of Xuancheng won the title of national advanced unit in TCM work

Recently, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) issued the decision on naming qinghe County, Hebei Province and other 171 regions as the national advanced Units of TCM at the grass-roots level, and Ningguo city, Guangde City and Jingde County were awarded the title of national advanced units of TCM at the county level.In recent years, The city has earnestly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, The State Council and the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government on TCM development, strengthened planning and guidance, and promoted the implementation of the work.At present, Xuanzhou District, Jing County, Ningguo City, Guangde City and Jingde County have successfully established advanced units of TCM at the grass-roots level in China.Through the establishment, TCM work in counties and urban areas has made a qualitative leap in management system, system construction, financial input, TCM service capacity and level.The environment for TCM development has been continuously improved.Introduced the inheritance and innovation and development about print and distribute xuan city to promote Chinese medicine scheme notice (xuan medical restructuring [2021] no.5), from the perfect service network, giving full play to the advantages of characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the competitiveness of the industry of traditional Chinese medicine, safeguard measures four aspects proposed 28 concrete measures to promote the development of Chinese medicine inheritance innovation.The inheritance, innovation and development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine will be included in the performance appraisal of targeted management of all counties, urban areas and municipal units.Community-level TCM services have significantly improved.A total of 98 standardized TCM clinics at grass-roots level have been built in the city, covering all community health service centers and township health centers.In 2020, the establishment of municipal grass-roots demonstration TCM libraries will be carried out, and 8 municipal grass-roots demonstration TCM libraries will be named.In 2021, the construction of TCM village clinics will be innovatively carried out. The city will build an average of 40 TCM village clinics every year, and 120 clinics will be built in three years. Currently, 47 clinics have been built.(Wang Xiaoxiao)

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