The whole city helps gather love

On February 19, the Little Panda Kindergarten and 5I5Jjf in Fuxing Community sent various materials to support the nucleic acid testing work of the whole community. Wang Yizhi, party secretary, received the donated materials in the community and expressed his gratitude to the people in charge.Panda kindergarten donations in the prevention and control of regional COVID – 19 outbreak of war, private business enterprises, to provide a line of prevention and control of life service, showed a strong sense of social responsibility, the second round of the nucleic acid detection, I love my family love enterprise boss pay close attention to the disease development, understand the disease resistant materials badly needed at the front, fast startup emergency donation,Send masks and disinfection supplies to fulfill social responsibility.The principals of the Red Panda Kindergarten brought milk, instant noodles and other food supplies to the community. In their own way, they helped promote the nucleic acid testing work of the whole people, and worked together with the community to face the epidemic again.During the special period of fighting against the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, as community workers on the front line, we helped each other and stood together in times of difficulty. The Secretary said that whenever there were major activities or important work in the community, the residents and shops in the area gave the greatest support and help.A friend in need is a friend indeed. Let us unite as one, fight the epidemic with firm belief and solid actions, live up to the trust and expectations of the people, and join hands to defeat the epidemic.

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