The world’s coldest marathon?It’s amazing who can keep running in winter

Runners run what has been called the world’s coldest marathon in Sakha, Russia, on January 22 in an outdoor temperature of -53 degrees Celsius.Sixty-five athletes, including those from the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Belarus, competed in extreme cold despite being frozen into “icemen” wearing cotton caps and coats.Even the cold didn’t stop the runners from sprinting, and the harsh conditions were a huge challenge for the runners, with ice on their beards, eyebrows and eyelashes.What’s the lowest temperature you’ve ever run in?There will be more people running in summer, while in winter, when the weather is colder, the number of people who insist on running will be greatly reduced.Fewer people are running in winter than in summer, so what are the special benefits of running in winter?What to wear when running in freezing weather?Today, Dong girl will come to science popularization, I hope we can run out of good body in winter.To run in winter, you need to overcome your inertia, resist the cold and get your legs moving.Their own willpower will be tempered.In addition, with low temperature in winter, running in winter can improve the efficiency of fat burning, avoid the accumulation of fat and keep away from the trouble of hoarding meat in winter.People who keep running in winter are more physically fit.In winter, when many people stop exercising, their physical fitness will slowly return to normal.And people who insist on running training, the body’s ability to keep out the cold has been improved, the body’s circulation of qi and blood will be strengthened, away from the phenomenon of cold hands and feet in winter, effectively improve the quality of sleep, the next day’s body metabolism level will be more vigorous.If you keep running during the winter, your stress resistance will increase, your negative emotions will be released gradually, your body will release dopamine, and you will gradually feel happier.People who insist on running training in winter will be far away from various sub-health diseases, and the phenomenon of cold and fever will be reduced.How to dress for winter running?Winter cold, wear much perspire, wear less afraid of cold, winter running should wear what equipment?Today, Dong Niu will tell you how to dress from head to toe.Head and neck We lose 40 percent of our body heat in cold weather through the head, so when you’re running outside, you need to protect your head from the cold wind and frostbite and chapped skin.01 Hats Hats are a must, try to choose lighter hats, avoid heavy styles, when you run very hot, just slip them into the waist of your pants.Even skiers must wear a neck scarf. It’s the perfect companion for outdoor sports during the cold and windy winter months, protecting your neck and face.You can pull it up while running, covering your nose and mouth so the air you breathe doesn’t get too cold.Also known as a “masked man hat” or “ski mask”, a balaclava, as the name suggests, covers your head completely, exposing only your face and even your eyes.It is usually made of woolen material, and remember to wear it when the outdoor temperature is below -17℃.Lipstick/Vaseline.The best way to prevent frostbite in your mouth, vaseline can also be applied to your nose and face.The key to keeping your upper body warm during winter running is to wear layers of clothing.Seems to be very simple, in fact, it needs scientific and reasonable collocation.These layers should not only keep you warm, but also allow you to breathe and sweat, so you don’t get stuck in cold, wet underwear.The rule of thumb is to wear a long-sleeved compression jacket inside, a short-sleeved quick-drying jacket outside, and a thin windbreaker in your Fanny pack.The innermost layer of clothing, should be made of high-tech fabrics or silk, its role is to quickly absorb your sweat, keep your body dry and warm.Don’t wear cotton underwear when running outdoors in winter, unless you want to experience the feeling of “cold rain surrounding me”.02 Insulation Layer (Middle layer) This layer of clothing provides good insulation and is necessary when the outdoor temperature is below -17℃.This garment can not only drain the sweat from the body in time, but also keep the body warm.It should also be able to dissipate heat appropriately to prevent overheating.Outer layer (windproof layer) This layer of clothing should protect you from wind, rain, and snow, and should also be breathable to prevent overheating or freezing through sweat.This garment should have a zipper so you can adjust your temperature by zipper.Tight pants/running pants.Your legs get hot when you run, so you don’t need to wear as many layers as your upper body.Wear a pair of tights or running pants in silk or a special fabric.If the temperature outside is below -17 ° C or windy, wear two layers: a sweaty-breathable leggings on the inside and windproof sweatpants on the outside.As long as you keep your feet dry while running, they won’t get cold.So try to avoid mud and snow on your running route.Winter running should choose shoes with less mesh on the upper to avoid splashing cold water into the shoe from the mesh.Remember: Never wear cotton socks when running, no matter how hot or cold the weather is!For the same reason, cotton doesn’t sweat, so when you run, your feet are wrapped in wet cloth and you get blisters on the bottoms of your feet.The best choice is a technology fabric or wool that can dry quickly and sweat.Winter running according to this dress, not afraid of sub-zero temperature, you learned?Approaching the New Year, the cold weather we have to keep running!What’s the coldest temperature you’ve ever run?Welcome to interact with Dong niu in the message area

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