Those must read, children do not like reading things, how do parents spend their efforts to let children actively read

Pay attention to the development of Chinese teaching and solve the puzzles of Chinese learning.As for reading, many parents are still particularly concerned about the Chinese learning link.Winter vacation did not read, dragged to the school, school do not read, it can not be said, with a teacher, it seems that reading is relatively simple.But each child’s learning characteristics are not the same, in the class, there is a very “Buddhist department” of students, no initiative to Chinese learning.Teachers and parents couldn’t push him behind, either to encourage or criticize, but I didn’t like reading.Instead of reading, I like to play with my cell phone and computer, indulging in what teachers and parents don’t let them do. Parents even find that children’s concentration and learning ability are better in the process of studying electronic products than when they are allowed to read books.It shows that children have the ability to take the initiative to learn, good at thinking about what they are interested in, intelligence is very high, is a headache to read things.After the school began, the Chinese teacher emphasized to parents, the reading in the book list, classical literature works, are required to read extra-curricular content, parents should guide children to read, be prepared.With the language teaching of this semester, we can no longer let the children do not read.Parents also want to do well, but how to work hard to get children to actively read?For “no matter” students, parents must find the breakthrough point of the child, in daily life, from the breakthrough point, gradually to help children to solve the reason for not reading, and then guide children to actively read, it is much easier.1, how to encourage indifferent students in the island teacher’s Chinese teaching practice, in fact, also met a lot of encouragement, indifferent to the teacher’s praise of the primary school students.Not to be cute, but to be genuinely indifferent to encouragement.Although parents and I often stress that students do not love reading, parents can not force, more encouragement and guidance, children can read.But there are some children who are insensitive to encouragement and praise.Don’t want to read, just feel boring, you reward who love to give who, and I also have nothing to do.Just stop bugging me and make me read.Is there really no way for parents and teachers of such children?In fact, as long as we parents seriously think about it, why does the child always indifferent to praise and encouragement?Because parents praise and encouragement, for children, really boring.Children are not short of this kind of encouragement, they need parents and teachers’ recognition more than praise.Unimpressed by encouragement, parents find what their child needs to be recognized for.For example, a lot of times, not children do not like reading, but they read, parents always think that is not enough, reading time is not enough, the number of reading is too little, no matter what children read, parents are always not satisfied.Can not meet the requirements of parents, has been asked to be compared, your classmates have read 100 books, you did not read a winter vacation, what are you doing?So the child can only choose to escape the way, ignore the requirements of parents, it doesn’t matter, you discipline me or praise me, anyway, I can not meet your requirements.In this case, parents still need to be more sincere, praise and encouragement, to really fall on the needs of children.Parents can say that for three days in a row, they found their children reading. Parents are very happy, and they hope their children can take their parents to read together, or ask their children what books you are reading.Understanding and identifying with children, is to solve the “oil and salt do not enter” students, unable to establish the method of reading initiative.Some parents say, my child just does not love to read, there is no book he likes to read, how to do?Tried many kinds of reading material, the child is casually turn over, you ask him good-looking?He nodded, you ask again where good-looking?What’s the plot?Kids don’t want to talk to you.Some parents said that their children like to read “fast food literature”, but also read comics. They do not like to read serious reading, and there is no book they like to read.Parents who have this idea do not understand their children.Grade 3 students have built accessible reading rooms.Start to consciously choose what you are interested in reading, but the books that children like to read, and the books that parents must read, the two book lists are completely different.Therefore, when parents realize that their children are interested in reading and only read the content they like, and what they do not like to read, such as classic literature works and famous works, are required to read, they should find ways to guide their children to read what they do not like to read.Xiao Dao teacher shared a small method, when children are bored, parents might as well consciously give their children some books that they do not like to read, and there is nothing better to kill time and boring things, reading has become the first choice.Don’t take too long. Keep it under 10 minutes.For example, when the child goes to the toilet, or the time that the child rests after writing homework, maintain this time, accumulate down a month, the child can also read several books.Surely there will be parents who say that reading in the bathroom is not good, what else can be done?This requires parents to guide their children according to their actual learning scenes in daily life.Understanding of children’s boring time, some children want to play for a while after eating, doing nothing, this time the parents to do housework, don’t try so hard to let children to do homework, can give the child 10 minutes of reading time, whether it is love or not to take the initiative to read read, can be in 10 minutes, cultivating the consciousness of reading, to establish the habit of reading, to form an interest in reading.3, parents should change a way of thinking, in order to guide children to read for most parents, in fact, it is right to pay attention to children’s reading.But the habit of associating reading with grades goes against a child’s learning nature.Primary school, the core guiding principle of Language is the guidance of learning interest, in the process of language learning, we parents and children, should not think that language learning is a headache, but should feel a kind of fun of learning.Building interest in learning and experiencing the joy of learning in life are mutually reinforcing learning and guiding principles.Parents to change a way of thinking, do not read the total score failed, must see the book, is to improve results.Do not have to read extra-curricular books, on the expansion of reading knowledge.Reading should not be subdivided and brought into parental subjectivity.Parents spend their mind is not to let children do things they do not like to do, but to recognize their own advantages, based on the advantages of not interested in things, will find and experience happiness.Tutoring children to read is a required course for ordinary parents.Parents are not only required to understand the training objectives of Chinese reading in primary school, but also need to grasp the method of reading guidance, which is suitable for their children.Parents also have to learn their own reading habits. Many parents do not read books, but only brush their mobile phones, but require their children to read, which is unreasonable. In the family environment, there is no reading scene, it is more difficult for children to establish reading initiative.Therefore, reading is not to make every student become a nerd, reading is not the only criterion to judge whether children are serious in study, reading is a way of life immersed in life, do you agree with me?Feel free to leave a comment.

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