Tune appeared on CCTV Lang Ping with the women’s volleyball team will return to the top coach more and more clear

Of Chinese women’s volleyball team selection are still being busy for work, so far the Chinese women’s volleyball coach candidates has not officially announced, the outside world seems to have been in the stage of a guess, doesn’t have a clear goal, so it also makes the selection work of the this time, you feel Chinese women’s volleyball coach candidates in the stagnation of some work.In terms of the title of Lang, CCTV did not give him any title such as the former head coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, which also shows that Lang consciously cut off some of his ties with the Chinese women’s volleyball Team.Talk about the spirit of women’s volleyball again at the annual launch ceremony of “Five Hundred” Network boutique of 2021 China Positive Energy. Cheer for women’s volleyball together!

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