Why is China no longer keen to host a women’s Volleyball World league?

Some time ago, the president of the Italian Volleyball Federation said that the final of this year’s Women’s Volleyball World Cup would be held in China, but later it was confirmed that the Chinese volleyball federation declined the request of the FIVB.The Women’s Volleyball World Cup final narrowly missed the Chinese market.Recently, the online and exposed next year and the year after the world league schedule, collecting the intention to hold the city.It is reported that there are no Chinese cities to sign up.It seems that next year and the year after the women’s Volleyball World League will silently miss the Chinese market.China was the most enthusiastic country to host the World league a few years ago. Why does China suddenly show no enthusiasm for the Women’s Volleyball World League and dare to face the cold face of fiVB?We’re going to talk about that today.The epidemic is one of the most important reasons why no Chinese city has bid for the Women’s Volleyball World Cup.Since 2020, the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, with China bearing the brunt.As the world’s second largest economy, China is not immune to the novel Coronavirus pandemic.On the one hand, due to the economic downturn and shrinking benefits, many enterprises have lost the economic strength and ability to sponsor China Volleyball Association to hold the world League. On the other hand, under the situation of troubled operation, many enterprises are really difficult to raise the enthusiasm to sponsor the World league.Moreover, due to the epidemic prevention policy, hosting events like the Women’s Volleyball World League requires more manpower and material resources than ever before.More importantly, many European and American countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, have basically given up the prevention and control of the epidemic, which is called lying down.A tightly controlled event like the World Cup would be frowned upon by Players in Europe and the United States, leading to attacks on the Chinese system in the West.If the control is relaxed and too many imported cases appear, no city leader would be willing to go against the wind and do such a risky but difficult thing to please due to China’s zero-tolerance and high-pressure policy.In a word, it is against time for A Chinese city to bid for a women’s volleyball world league.The Chinese women’s volleyball team was defeated in Tokyo and ranked ninth at the Olympics, dropping to third in the FIVB ranking.Due to the low performance of the Women’s Volleyball team and the inactive public relations management of the Volleyball Association and Lang Pingtuan, quite a number of fans who care about the Chinese women’s volleyball team in China are disappointed and leave, which challenges the mass base of the women’s volleyball team.If the volleyball association conducted a poll, I’m afraid at least 70 percent of the public would not support holding an international event like the Women’s Volleyball World Cup in China.As a result, the public has not yet come out of the inexplicable loss of the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s mood of great contrast.What other cities dare to apply for hosting women’s Volleyball World League in defiance of international opinion and lack of harmony?I am afraid that even tianjin, which has the best mass base and is positioned as the city of volleyball, dare not go against the trend at this time, let alone other cities with weak mass base.This is by no means a good time for Chinese cities to announce the host cities of next year’s World League.At present, not only has the Chinese women’s Volleyball team just changed its head coach, but the team has not been established yet, so it is not clear what the position of the Chinese women’s volleyball team will be in the future. Also, the Volleyball Association will soon face a new election. At this time, Director Li Quanqiang will also strive for stability, aiming to maintain the current situation and make a smooth handover with the successor.If the fiVB’s notice had been issued after the change of the Chinese Volleyball Association, the cities applying for hosting the event might not have been so cold, or at least the Attitude of the Chinese volleyball Association would have been much more positive than now.A final reason is the disappointment of the Chinese Volleyball Association with the FIVB.This reason is also important.As the saying goes, sorrow is better than death.The defeat of The Chinese women’s volleyball team in The Tokyo Olympic Games is undoubtedly due to its own poor performance, such as stubborn personnel, injury and injury of players, team style and unity and other factors.There are also unfair competition in the game by the United States and Russia to do out of the factor.’We don’t know what to say,’ Ms. Killari said. ‘But no one at fiVB has the courage to do justice.’This style not only hurt lang Ping, then coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, but also made the Chinese Volleyball Association and the vast number of fans no longer raise their enthusiasm for fiVB.Under such circumstances, it is a matter of national sports. What other cities and enterprises are willing to contribute money and efforts to apply for and host the world League?Fivb, never underestimate the patriotism of the Chinese people.Lost time, lost heart, disappointment, loss of harmony, a variety of factors together, resulting in a cold situation in the Chinese women’s volleyball market today.Who’s in the past?It is worth pondering by all sides.We hope that under the guidance of CAI Bin, The Chinese women’s Volleyball team will quickly get out of the doldrums and make great achievements, so as to rekindle people’s passion for women’s volleyball.It is hoped that the new volleyball team will work hard and make good policies to create a favorable environment for the development of Chinese women’s volleyball.It is hoped that FIVB will truly adhere to the principle of fairness and justice, use rules to restrain hidden rules and be careful, and truly allow the participating teams to compete fairly, so as to join hands with The Chinese volleyball community once again and enter into a beautiful spring era.

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