2 years wait for Warriors, Klay.Thompson is worth it

In the fourth quarter, the momentum of the game began to tilt in favor of the Lakers, who built a six-point lead on the basis of defense and continued to build momentum through counterattacks.The Warriors weren’t scoring well for long stretches, and Curry’s misalignment made things very difficult for the Warriors offense.I thought the lakers had a chance to win against one of the league’s top teams by mobilizing after the trade deadline.But then Klay Thompson stepped up.Klay Thompson scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to help the Warriors even the deficit and have a chance to win the game.The Warriors ended their losing streak with a 117-115 victory over the lakers.Klay Thompson shot 12-of-22 from the field, 5-of-9 from 3-point range and 4-of-5 from the free throw line in 30 minutes.This game is also Klay.Thompson’s first 30-point game since returning from injury left no doubt about Klay.Thompson is almost back to his pre-injury level.It’s not just Clay.Thompson’s scoring ability is similar to what it was before the injury, and more importantly, Klay’s.Thompson took responsibility for the game.Adversity, Thompson. I’m not just talking about it.It was Klay Thompson’s burst in the fourth quarter that turned the lakers’ defense against Curry, who finally drove to the basket to seal the win for the Warriors.Two years on the sidelines after returning klay.Thompson still shows the quality and mentality of one of the league’s top scorers.The Warriors know That Klay Thompson won’t let them down. After all, it was Klay in the 2016 Western Conference finals.Thompson saved the Warriors.Little by little, Klay Thompson is responding to the Warriors and the fans’ expectations with actual on-court play.Now that Klay Thompson is showing signs of making the warriors more capable, no other team in the league can choke off golden State’s clutch scoring just by doubling Curry.If every other team in the league focuses all their attention on Curry, Klay.Thompson will make sure they pay their dues.This is the depth and strength of the team that terrify the rest of the league with the return of Klay Thompson, and this is what the Warriors are waiting for.Thompson is back where he likes to be.No warrior is complete without Buddha. With Clay.Thompson and the Warriors are one step closer to winning a championship this season, the first time the warriors have won a title since the post-cosmic era.

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