2022 Five steps of Henan single recruitment

Step 1: Sign up.Complete sign up, obtain examination qualification sign up, sign up for an exam namely, sign up for the name that attends an exam namely.Registration time is generally in the third year of high school, secondary vocational third grade near the end of the first semester, such as 2021 registration time is in 2021.11.10-11.25, whether the general high school, technical secondary school or social candidates, to participate in 2022 single enrollment, college entrance examination or pairing candidates, must be completed in this period of time.Get the candidate number (14 digits starting with 224).As long as the completion of registration, in other words, as long as there is this examinee number (must be 224 at the beginning), you can participate in a single recruit, college entrance examination or pairing up, specific is to walk a single recruit or college entrance examination or pairing up, this belongs to the individual freedom of the examinee, with the individual actual situation shall be.In addition, if the single recruit is not admitted, it does not affect the later college entrance examination or pairing, for students with average grades, the single recruit has one more choice, one more chance to go to school.Step 2: Apply for an examination.Fill in a volunteer online, choose a major and colleges to enter oneself for an examination, namely enter oneself for an examination.Fill in a volunteer on the net, examinee can choose corresponding colleges and universities in combination with oneself, Henan single recruit can only fill in a volunteer, that is to say, examinee can fill in an institution, choose 1-5 majors in this institution, up to 5 majors, at least a major, this combination of their own situation and decided.The time to fill in the volunteer is generally three days, that is, the website will be open for three days, early or later are not ok.The specific three days are subject to the single recruitment documents of the provincial Department of Education. This time is not fixed and needs to be determined according to the specific situation.Before this document has not been issued, there is no need for candidates to spend time and energy on this, this is not a person or a college decision.In addition, all colleges and universities in Henan province to participate in the single enrollment in the online application of volunteer time is the same, is unified.Step 3: Test.Go to the college that fills on the net to sign up for reference examination examination, the time that single moves an exam and fills on the net to sign up for volunteer time is the document notice as provincial education office is accurate.Want a document to issue only, when to fill in volunteer on the net?When is the exam?Which colleges participate in single recruit students?It all comes out in this document.The content of the single enrollment examination is set by each school, the paper is revised, and the students are graded by themselves. Finally, the students are selected according to their scores.Generally speaking, the time interval between this exam time and the time that fills in a volunteer on the net is in a week or so.Step 4: Admission.In the official website of the school that enter oneself for an examination inquires result and admit result admit result will be in the time of a week or so after single recruit exam is over announce, can log in to the official website of the school inquires test mark and admit result when the time comes, want to be shown as long as commonly: plan to admit, basically be admitted.The fifth step: waiting for admission notice to check only oneself is to plan to admit, basically did not have what problem, explain you single action took an examination of.The rest of the time is admission notice, this school and the school are different, notice time will be different, some colleges and universities will recruit single admission of the examinee and the college entrance examination admission of the examinee notice issued together, some are separate.However, as long as you know you are admitted, there is no need to worry about the notice, just sooner or later.

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