A man in Jiangsu province tested his wife’s “high-quality” pasta, which could easily smash walnuts with a hammer

In many families, the husband is better at cooking than the wife. The husband can cook a table of delicious dishes when he enters the kitchen, while the wife is a disaster scene when she enters the kitchen.Earlier, a netizen posted a piece of cake baked by his wife, which was so hard that he couldn’t bite into it, and could even be used to defend himself.A man in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province also posted steamed buns and fagao made by his wife, which have similar effects to that big cake, prompting people to call one world, one wife.A man in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, recently captured the attention of Internet users by Posting his wife’s unique faao and steamed buns, which were supposed to be soft and fluffy, but turned out to be extremely hard, which has sparked heated debate among netizens.From the picture, we can see that the man first takes out the cake made by his wife, which looks like a rock from the outside.Sure enough, the man took the cake to hit the floor of the walnut, the results actually can be very hard walnut crack.Then the man took the hammer to hit the cake, but because the cake was too hard, he still had no way, and finally even the hammer fell apart.Later, the man took out the steamed bread made by his wife as hard.When netizens saw that fagao and steamed bread were made like stones, they said that women are suitable for building materials and must be very safe.Some netizens wondered if the woman would eat them after she made them.Some netizens said that the same world, the same kind of wife, his wife also often make such magic things.How can you make the same kind of food as bricks?

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