A man in Shandong exposed his company’s liquor to replace the project money: what is the nature of it?The ending is all the more infuriating

Recently, a man in Jinan, Shandong province, posted a video revealing that he was owed money by a company for a project, but the company did not pay him. Instead, the man offered a lot of baijiu to his workers at the price of 600 yuan a bottle to offset their wages.”Where is god?” the man angrily asks in the video.Will the workers survive?Don’t you have any parents?No children?Are you comfortable?”Men say workers need money, not alcohol.And, even if the market price of a bottle of wine is really 600 yuan, but its cost price is well known to everyone, even if the company says a bottle of wine 1000 yuan can also.To pay workers in this way is to eat the conscience of the dog.In the aftermath of the incident, after the company was exposed, the full project payment was sent to him overnight.The money was in hand, but the Internet was even angrier.Because if the company doesn’t pay, it might be interpreted as a sign that they’re in real trouble and can’t send money.But the fact that they were quick to give money when they were exposed suggests they were able to pay up.But obviously rich but do not give, even want to use the workers they can not sell the liquor to sell out, a typical profiteer face.This net friends are also hot discussion: “this is called debt wine, many business as long as there is a next home will be early contact with such wine, the cost of a bottle of packaging will not exceed 30 yuan, too deceiving!””It is estimated that the company has a good idea and basically has a rough proportion. It must be a big project to hold so much wine. It will be hard to do after such a trouble.””The consequence of disunity is that workers at the bottom of various industries spontaneously form trade unions and pull some black-hearted enterprises into the blacklist. Only unity can lead to a way out, and no one will help us.”What do you think?

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