Aimin District People’s Procuratorate continued to promote the prevention of illegal fund-raising publicity

Recently, mudanjiang Aimin District People’s Procuratorate organized the procuratorial police to further strengthen the prevention of illegal fund-raising publicity, to further enhance the awareness of the public to prevent illegal fund-raising publicity.This time, they entered huanghua Street office, cultural Community residents Committee, Mudanjiang Liming Medical Oxygen Co., LTD., and Longjiang Bank to publicize the law.In huanghua longjiang bank street agency, cultural community residents committee, propaganda, procuratorial policemen through handed out flyers to staff, to the vast majority of community residents a letter, for the life and work in the common crime of illegal fund-raising “with case interpretation” interpretation of the case, to strengthen the staff to identify illegal fund-raising ability, raise their guard against illegal fund raising awareness, at the same time,To strengthen to prevent illegal fund-raising publicity, procuratorial policemen to brief the staff on-the-job training of the franco-prussian, make the staff to handle affairs, to visit the masses again about preventing illegal fund-raising method, and in three locations in window lending flyer, a letter to the community residents, play electronic banners and other way,Always deal with the business of the masses to explain the harm of illegal fund-raising and preventive measures.In the publicity of Mudanjiang Liming Medical Oxygen Co., LTD., the procuratorial police taught the factory workers to identify common illegal fund-raising traps, enhance the awareness of preventing illegal fund-raising and consciously reject the temptation of high profits by issuing leaflets, sending letters to the community residents and publicizing cases.Illegal fund-raising seriously affects financial order and social stability, through the publicity, not only enhance the awareness of illegal fund-raising prevention, identification of illegal fund-raising trap ability, at the same time, set up the masses of correct consumption, investment concept, to maintain the harmonious stability of the people to create a good legal atmosphere.

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