Another military cheat!The Taiwan army concocted the new concept of rejecting unification by force, but it is just a dream

In the face of absolute power, all techniques are gimmicks.According to the Global Times on February 1, Taiwan media said the previous day that while developing long-range cruise missiles, the Taiwan military specially built digital map models and databases for “precise strikes on deep targets on the mainland”, in order to achieve the so-called “source countermeasures”.The so-called “source countermeasure” of Wan Wan is to use the extended range xiongfeng-2E cruise missile with a range of 1,200 kilometers to accurately strike the target by correcting the deviation of the cruise missile during long distance flight according to the “high-precision geomorphic model” along the target path under the GPS positioning and navigation, combined with terrain matching technology.According to the report, Taiwan’s military has not only started to produce cruise missile systems for long-range strikes, but also established a “high-precision geomorphological model” for the PLA’s important military and political command institutions and military positions under the name of the pengyu Project, and updated the target database of ground-attack missiles to achieve the so-called “source countermeasures.”Isn’t it a disguised competition between the Taiwan Army and the PLA over who has more cruise missiles and whose missiles can hit accurately?But does the comparison make sense?In terms of the number of missiles, no one in the world can match the Chinese mainland in terms of military mobilization and production capacity.In terms of accuracy, the Taiwan Military uses the COMMERCIAL GPS navigation system of the United States, while the Mainland has built the Beidou Navigation and Positioning System. Led by its own scientific and technological strength, the accuracy is far higher than that of the Commercial GPS navigation system of the United States.Moreover, it is impossible to win a modern war with one or two advanced weapons.For example, if a cruise missile is to hit a target thousands of kilometers away, it has to break through layers of air defense networks. The farther it flies, the more likely it is to be intercepted by air defense systems. The Xiongfeng-2E cruise missile is not stealthable or hypersonic.Given the vast geographical area of the mainland, Taiwan’s military would not be able to inflict a bruising blow on the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army without firing thousands of Xiongfeng-2E cruise missiles at one time.With Taiwan’s economic strength and industrial production capacity, we cannot afford the illusion of “countermeasures at the source”.Moreover, in order for the Taiwan army to “counter at the source”, it must take a preemptive strike, but if the Taiwan army attacks the mainland, it will be an old man hanging himself.At that time, the island will become a sea of fire.The PLA has so many tools in its toolbox, not only short -, medium – and long-range missiles of all ranges, but also indestructible long-range rocket launchers.With the current long-range rocket technology of the Mainland, the Taiwan Strait is not effective to stop it, and the long-range rocket can completely destroy all the important targets of the Taiwan army, without giving the Taiwan army any chance to strike again.Knowing that the so-called “counter-attack at the source” is a false proposition, why did the Taiwanese army create a “Pengyu project”?Most likely, it is in order to stabilize public opinion in the context of the Taiwan authorities’ efforts to undermine peace and create a hostile situation across the Taiwan Straits.However, compared with the current military strength of the PLA and the Taiwan army, the best way for the Taiwan army to protect itself is to raise the white flag and surrender.Source of even the so-called “counter” is not possible, but we also want to see, Taiwanese army called “source” is the direct target area depends on the mainland “high precision terrain model”, but Taiwanese army did not space reconnaissance, draw the ability of the continent to draw “high precision terrain model”, can only be sent spies or development of the mainland netizens provide map information.This reminds us that we must strengthen our defense against espionage, collusion with enemy agents to leak secrets, and voluntary selling of secrets. We must strengthen our defense and security lines and deny the enemy any opportunity to exploit them.

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