Cadillac CT6: Luxury quality comfort experience

For so many years, many foreign auto manufacturers have taken the Chinese market as the object of development and continuously introduced various powerful products to China, which makes the joint venture brand models have a great amount of ownership in the domestic market and occupy a high position in the hearts of domestic consumers.As a typical joint venture car, the Cadillac CT6 is often considered by many consumers when buying a car, so will it perform satisfactorily?Without further ado, let’s wait and see.Cadillac CT6 net uses dot matrix design, and is acted the role of with chrome trim, not only modelling is very individual character, visual effect is also very outstanding, plus the front face of rough line, looks full and powerful, rough line draws the outline of the founder hard school.The Cadillac CT6 is 5223/1879/1492mm long, wide and wheelbase 3109mm.The car side looks very young, the overall design uses a lot of sports, personality visual elements, very in line with the current trend of youth.Both front and rear tires are 235/50 R18 with Goodyear tires and a multi-spoke wheel rims design.The rear of the car presents a sharp design style, with chrome trim, personalized lines to further enhance the overall visual effect.At the same time, the use of a young boomerang taillight design, the vision is more personality, trendy.The interior presents an atmospheric design style, decorated with silver ornaments, without too much gorgeous decoration, in line with the mainstream aesthetic.The four-spoke steering wheel adopts leather style, which is slightly older.In addition, the car has a steering wheel memory.Dashboard parameters are also clear and easy to read.Equipped with a 10.2 inch touch LCD screen, exquisite shape, outstanding look and feel.The CT6 has leather seats, which are superior to fabric seats.At the same time, the car is equipped with the main passenger seat electric adjustment, the main driver’s seat 2 waist support adjustment, the driver’s seat memory.To the back row, the space performance of the back row is still outstanding, but due to the existence of a high bulge in the middle of the floor, it is not very friendly to the middle passengers.In terms of power, Cadillac CT6 is equipped with a new 2.0t engine, with a maximum power of 237 HP and a peak torque of 350 NM. The overall power performance is very positive, and the power is also equipped with variable cylinder technology, and the transmission is matched with a 10-gear automatic transmission. The overall ride comfort is worth praising.And the start and acceleration performance is abundant, the official test zero hundred acceleration fastest 7.47 seconds.Currently, Cadillac CT6 sells for 399,700 yuan to 489,700 yuan.Personal opinion: Cadillac CT6, as a mid-size car from Cadillac brand, has a rich exterior design, “American” muscle sense is also displayed on the car body, the whole vehicle is full of energy.At the same time luxurious design, the configuration of relative conscience and capacious space also is its product advantage place, market competitiveness is not common naturally.Interior: simple and generous, with very good materials, it looks very classy.However, when comparing cars of the same class, there is still some lack of luxury.Driving: the power is enough for daily use, and the speed is fast. Whether it is daily overtaking, or on the highway, it is easy to do. When the accelerator pedal goes down, I obviously feel a strong sense of pushing back.The sense of control is very good, the most intuitive feeling is to open comfortable, although the body is a little long, but because there are some auxiliary functions to help, or a good car.The steering wheel is of moderate size and easy to control in all aspects.Safety: Equipped with 6 airbags, passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure display, ESP, parallel assist, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, active brake, road traffic sign recognition and 360-degree panoramic image and other safety features.

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