Car dynamics: Lincoln Z launch;Sagitar added 1.5T;Changan waxy corn exposure

Here are the freshest, funniest, and most valuable automotive news happening today, March 14, 2022. See what’s happening today!Recently, we learned from the saic Volkswagen official that the new Volkswagen has been officially launched, with a total of 5 models, and the price range is 286,000-399,800 yuan.As change model, the design of the new basic appearance for cash models, is still a sedate atmosphere middle design, at the same time focus on interior upgrades, very have administrative levels feeling of the ipc brings together the whole liquid crystal instrument, half suspension control, adopt the 2 + 2 + 3 seat layout, especially in the second row for independent boss chair, armrest, leg, seat heating ventilation/have.Compared with the old model, there is no markup.A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People’s Republic of China exposed the application information of saIC-Audi new model Q6, positioned in medium and large SUV, using three-row seat layout, is expected to be put on the market within this year.Based on the VW MQB Evo platform, the new car features the latest family design, with the iconic mid-net paired with the currently popular split large light set. In addition, there is a dual front and exterior kit option, with a through-through taillight and a roof spoiler at the rear for a layered feel.In terms of power, it will be equipped with the 2.0T engine of the EA888, with high and low power options.Saic Audi Tuan, confirmed.Not long ago, FAW-Volkswagen declared relevant information of the new Volkswagen Sagitar in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People’s Republic of China, which is expected to be officially launched next month.According to the application picture, the new car adopts the latest family design, and provides a variety of grille models at the same time, which is sporty and delicate. Most importantly, we notice that the tail label of the new car is 300TSI, that is, the new car will carry a 1.5T engine, its maximum power is 118kW, while the cash model only has 1.2T and 1.4T.1.4T is already strong, now wait for 1.5T to come out.Recently, according to changan Lincoln official news, the new model Of Lincoln Z officially launched, a total of two series of 7 models, and the price range of 252,800 to 340,800 yuan.It is understood that Lincoln brand had stopped car business, but now Changan Lincoln is out with a Lincoln Z, based on the same vehicle platform of Mondeo, the new car is a luxury car featuring young sports in the United States. Of course, the shape and even the power are indescribably related to Mondeo.In terms of power, the whole system is equipped with a 2.0T engine.Benchmarking 3 series?You might as well choose Mondeo.Recently, according to our latest knowledge from relevant channels, Changan will officially enter the micro electric market, launched a new model, internal code name is A158, named “waxy corn”, and is expected to debut at the Beijing Auto Show next month.The sleek, compact design, fully enclosed front grille, round headlights and two-door four-seater, as well as a new logo and floating roof design clearly point the competitor at the Wuling Hongguangminiev.So, running to e-Star is over?Car News brings you the latest, the most valuable, the most fun car news, please stay tuned

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