“Chinese style sitting confinement” three misunderstandings, how many in you?One was lucky to miss

In China, it has become a tradition to stay in confinement after giving birth.The month is done well or not, to a large extent, determines whether the maternal body can get faster and better recovery.But the Chinese style of sitting in the month, now often there are some misunderstandings, resulting in conflicts between family members.Guoguo gave birth to a boy, bringing joy to the mother-in-law’s family.While taking care of the baby, the mother-in-law volunteered to take care of her daughter-in-law.This, of course, let guoguo grateful, did not expect two people have not been together for a few days, because of the confinement of the matter had a quarrel.One morning, Guoguo suddenly heard the phone ringing near the bed, so he picked it up and started chatting with his friend.At this time the mother-in-law just came in, as soon as she saw Guoguo playing mobile phone, immediately shouted, let Guoguo hurriedly put down the phone, otherwise it is not good for the body.Guo Guo and friends chat in the excitement, of course, will not ignore the mother-in-law, but apparently the mother-in-law is also some angry, began to read the nagging of guo Guo.For example, she often washes her hair in the month and blows to the air conditioner every day. Before she finishes, Guoguo begins to fight back.She said that the mother-in-law said that the set is long gone, there are many mistakes in the traditional confinement, let her mother-in-law learn to keep pace with The Times.My mother-in-law didn’t like it, but she didn’t say anything.Postpartum sitting time, in medicine is considered to be “puerperium”, that is, within 42 days after delivery, the need to recuperate, the maternal physical and psychological recovery critical period.Myth 1: No access to electronic products in the old generation, electronic products are all harmful and not beneficial, especially for maternal, mobile phone radiation will not only hurt the body, but also let their vision damage, and even hurt their internal organs, so the elderly is absolutely stop this behavior.But for new mothers, they are already feeling empty and bored during their first month of life, and they are also prone to postpartum depression.Depriving them of contact with the outside world at this time is bound to make the puerpera unacceptable.In fact, if you control the time, then the appropriate play a mobile phone is not impossible.Misunderstanding two: do not wash hair bath after giving birth to a baby the body is very weak, pores are basically in the state of opening.Therefore, the older generation think that this time is not suitable for washing hair and taking a bath, or even water can not touch, it is likely to lead to maternal cold, affecting their health.But precisely because the maternal body is weak, there will often be some sweating, the whole person will feel uncomfortable, if you do not take a bath for a long time, there may even be some peculiar smell.Therefore, as long as the room temperature is sufficient and the wound does not get water, it is ok to wash the body and head properly.This definitely sounds like a bigger superstition, because the old argument is that brushing can cause bleeding gums, and the birth of a baby is the same as losing a tooth, which means that if the mother’s gums are damaged, it will naturally affect the child.But from a scientific point of view, it is very necessary for mothers to brush their teeth, because they have to eat a lot of food every day, if they can not keep the hygiene of the mouth, it is likely to develop a variety of dental diseases.02, the correct sitting month remember two postpartum sitting month, is a very important stage.Labor when the consumption of physical strength, the body is injured, should be slowly restored in this stage.Therefore, if you are in the month, the following two points, please pay attention to, will help to sit well in the month!1, keep a happy mood after giving birth to the child, family chores will become more and more, the relationship between the whole staff will become more complex, plus the child feeding and other problems, will affect the maternal mood, so there will be postpartum depression.But no matter from oneself, still consider for the child, puerpera should keep cheerful mood.So that they can sit better, so that their bodies can recover faster.2, Keep enough rest now many mothers advocate breastfeeding, so in the first few months of a child’s life, it is basically difficult to get a good rest at night.But for puerpera, rest is very important, which requires them to be able to do as much as possible and the child’s rest and rest time.Conclusion: During the puerpera’s confinement period, the puerpera’s family, especially the husband, should also take care of the family and the baby, which can naturally create more rest time for the puerpera, which is more conducive to their physical recovery.(The pictures in this article are from the Internet. 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