Farewell my Concubine rework begins, encore minimum 60 points, diao Chan midsummer night new bust out?

For the two skins of Farewell my Concubine will be redone, I believe that most players are aware of this, after all, in the last optimization progress announcement, the official can be clear on this aspect of the announcement.Based on the latest official release, it’s clear that players will be able to see some of these skins reworked this month.After all, this month’s skin optimization progress, including the farewell my Concubine two skin rework related.However, both skins have already been reworked, and some of them will be announced soon.But for players who want to have both skins, the latter is obviously hard to get.Because these two skins, according to the current situation, even if redone, most of the probability will not return.The reason for not returning is very simple, that is the last time these two skins with dry Will Moxie Ice and snow love dance at the same time for the encore, the official but clearly said that the skin behind the direct sale.Of course, it’s no longer on direct sale, but there’s a raffle for the encore.So for those who want to have both skins, there is still a slight chance that they will be available after the rework.And, maybe for some lucky players to the extreme, later in the purchase of two skins, even the lowest 60 points can win one of the inside.After all, the form of the lottery return, at the present stage can refer to the past phoenix and phoenix fly return.And at that time these two skin return, with the epic quality of the Phoenix fly, the lowest is only 60 points.Because 60 points is just enough to draw once in the campaign.However, for the unlucky players, it may cost several thousand points to secure one of the skins.When it comes to skin re-optimization, it is necessary to know that the diao Chan Midsummer night skin, which has been re-optimized for a long time but is still not officially completed, seems to have further optimization progress at present.Because the latest is a direct exposure of the skin suspected to continue to get optimized skin bust.Compared with the previous skin bust, the difference between the two is obvious.Because continue to get optimized after the bust, all aspects are completely belong to the kind of long aesthetic point.On the other hand, the midsummer night bust that is being used at the present stage does not have the kind of amazing feeling. It is not too much to say that it is not level.Although at this stage, however, reports of the bust is perfect, but given the official did not officially announced, so the players also don’t need to this continue to bust of the optimized much looking forward to, because if the bust is to so, so is directly related to bust skin posters, officials have to be hard again.Conclusion Farewell my Concubine these two skins, in any case, the rework is already started, players, in this month will be able to see the rework after part of the relevant.Diao Chan midsummer night broke the news out of this new bust, because it is too perfect, so the official specific will not be used, really is not sure.As for the midsummer night skin optimization, the official was very hard to end.Well, that’s all for this time.Do you have farewell my Concubine skin?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin

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