Financial tycoons teach their sons to be cheating and philandering men. Is this the life goal of elite men?

There is no substitute for a father’s love and guidance, and there is nothing more satisfying than raising great children.Recently, the chat notes of a big shot in the financial investment circle came out, causing a lot of boos.Just because of the way he raised his kids, it was amazing.In the chat screenshots, quantitative investor Ding Peng said in the group: “Dad doesn’t ask you to get rich.Just ask you to have more women and grandchildren for your father.””When my son was in primary school, I bought him a good mobile phone, opened a wechat account for him and sent him a lot of money so that he could invite the girls in his class to eat snacks.”He also said that his son, who is only in his second year of junior high school, often invites his female classmates to dinner because he has tens of thousands of yuan in his mobile phone and now has two girlfriends.”I’m going to show him porn next year and teach him personally that he should be able to sleep with girls in high school.”In particular, he said, “Don’t be like yourself and still study at 30.”These statements are quite shocking.Is this a different kind of “chicken baby”?What kind of person is Ding Peng, who would so simply and coarsely change his requirements for his son to let him sleep with women early and more women?Someone who has never seen the world, who has never seen a woman?They are not.For one thing, Ding peng is certainly a rich man, having managed more than rmb5bn over the years.Secondly, he is highly educated and highly intelligent.In the financial circle, especially in the field of quantitative investment, he is a high status expert, or a special guest of CCTV and other platforms, is a visiting professor of Tsinghua university, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other famous universities, his monograph is known as China’s “quantitative investment” must-read introduction book……Such a resume, in which country, can be described as the elite of the elite.But did not expect, such a person to children’s education is so vulgar, and unscrupulous public expression.After his remarks were reported, he was ridiculed and reviled by netizens. When interviewed by a reporter, Ding was quite contemptuously: “What’s the big deal?I don’t care, just pass it!”However, later things further fermentation, he finally changed his mouth, said, he was just bragging, hi, rude, “I low quality.”The original intention is not to “chicken baby”, anti-roll, let the child relaxed.Actually, that’s the end of it.If anyone was hurt, the “victim” could be his son.Think about it, his son’s classmates, friends, especially girls, which parent would want their children to have contact with his son?What good family wants friends who make their son watch porn and sleep with girls from junior high?Who isn’t afraid to turn his child into his son’s plaything?And his wife needs to ask herself: what does a man who has a lifelong ambition (fulfilled or not) to sleep with more women really think of his wife?In order to appease the public anger, Ding Peng said he was “of low quality”.But not so.On objective condition, he is “high quality” absolutely.He’s rich, he’s got a PhD, he’s got a good look, he’s got a decent job, he’s an expert, he’s a big shot.However, his ideal appeal to children’s life, nothing more than “early to bed woman” “sleep more women”, and really “no quality”.Ding Peng explained his contrast as not a “chicken baby”.Not at all.The real “chicken baby”, is generally hope that the child is healthy and happy, do what they like, have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, not worldly success requirements.With the material conditions he created for his children and his elite background, he can indeed not “chicken baby”, but also let the children live well.Instead, he went the other way.His demands for his children remain mundane, to the point of achieving value through “sleeping with women” and even planning.This request to the child, is not low, but, is to refresh the bottom line of low personality.Ding did not regard his son as an independent “person”, but as a breeding tool, as long as he left offspring.This reminds me of the lack of education for many Chinese boys.This education does not mean going to school or reading books, but the development of personality and the education of love.Ding peng’s “sex education” to his son is a typical example.In fact, it is common to hear parents in China say, “Our family is a boy, and boys do not suffer.”This is a very wrong concept, is also a ridiculous concept of sex.What went wrong?One is that if men and women have sex, men gain and women lose — a clear violation of modern principles of gender equality.Only true equality and voluntariness, there is no such problem of who loses and who gains.The second is to ignore that many boys are still being victimized by paedophiles, but parents don’t know it, and boys can’t get help when they get hurt.Third, such parents instruct boys to “take advantage”, attack more, and treat women as playthings.I have to say that due to the deep-rooted traditional Chinese culture, in the eyes of many men, women cannot be regarded as equal people with the same social value as men, but as a tool to carry on the family line.They believe that women’s reproductive value and sexual value, even obedience, can easily be purchased.This is why men who cheat and play with women s feelings come into being.They lack the ability to communicate with “people” on an equal footing, the ability to enter into intimate relationships.If this child really according to ding Peng’s design of this way, rich, willful, women, even underage women, as XX tools, there is a very high probability of prison.Li’s family is never short of money, li has also been on CCTV programs, performing talent, is a “good boy” (mom’s words).But isn’t he in jail for a minor?A family can only be made up of equals, not of superior men (husband and son) and daughters (mother) who serve them.Chinese people do not pay attention to the family, but only pay attention to the family, destined their children, instrumentalized children, also cannot have normal empathy, unable to establish love for the family, it is difficult to learn love.If you want a healthy, cheerful boy who will have a happy family in the future, as a father, you must lead by example.A large part of boys’ education, especially sex education, should be done by fathers.The father’s attitude towards marriage is likely to be the child’s future in marriage.”To be a good father, you have to put in a lot of effort,” says Australian parenting scholar Steve Bidalph in his book Raising Boys. “It’s the modern test of fatherhood.”In the UK, fathers now spend four times as much time with their children as they did in the 1960s.A father must not pass the blame on to his wife.In fact, there is no substitute for a father’s love and guidance, and there is nothing more satisfying than raising great children.Actually, I have a boy at home.His father had been involved in his children’s education.A healthy father of children, to do is: first, set an example.Do what you want your child to be.Read as much as you want your child to read;You want your kids to be positive, and you need to be committed to your career and your own interests.A parent who plays mahjong all day will never raise a child who loves learning.Two, respect your wife, do more housework.In a family where the wife is treated as a servant, the child cannot respect the mother;If housework is not recognized, the child will think the mother is worthless, and he will be unable to respect and love his wife.Three, spend more time with children.Where people are, there is love.If you don’t participate, your child won’t be able to build trust and a relationship with you.Respect women.As a father, it is important to teach children that women are human beings equal to men, with equal social value and sexual autonomy, that women do not exist to satisfy men, that they have their own preferences and needs.They also have the power to choose or reject you.This understanding is very lacking in China.Boys are raised as the dominant gender and are misled that girls are there to satisfy you — that’s what Ding peng apparently teaches.The children under such distorted education are likely to become the root of evil.Sex education.Teach your child that he needs to be aware of contraception even if he’s making sure it’s consensual and consensual.This is not only the responsibility of girls, but also the responsibility of boys;Always pay attention to girls’ feelings and protect women.A clear-headed, loving father is bound to produce excellent children.The soul of a loving and caring family can also be interesting.103 years ago, Lu Xun wrote how We Become Fathers now.Today, to be a good father, to lead the children to become a modern people, more demanding.Have you updated your own ideas?Are you an empathetic egalitarian?The pictures in this article are from the network -end –

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