How good is Russia’s NK-32 engine, and it’s really 30 years ahead of the world?I’m afraid that’s an exaggeration

Earlier, Russia made its maiden flight of a new Tu-160M strategic bomber. Unlike the previous tu-160M, which had been modified from the Soviet-era Tu-160, or produced from the soviet-era tu-160 airframe, this time the Tu-160M strategic bomber was made by Russia itself.This also marks the Russian aerospace industry’s ability to mass-produce the tu-160M strategic bomber, which also uses the famous NK-32 turbofan engine.We all know that the engine is the most important components of the fuel vehicles, as well as on the plane, the aircraft engine is called a “heart” of the aircraft, and said so, in addition to the importance to the plane of the aeroengine, the complexity of the navigation hair also determines its important position, so far, can the independent research and development of aeroengine countries still few and far between,Therefore, the thirst for advanced aviation has never stopped. Russia’s NK-32 engine has been sought after by many countries. It is even said that THE NK-32 is 30 years ahead of the world, is it true?The Maximum cruising speed of the Tu-160M strategic bomber can reach Mach 2.05, which must be supported by the NK-32 turbofan engine. The Tu-160M is equipped with four NK-32 engines, so the NK-32 is also an advanced aircraft banned from export by many people. According to the data of the NK-32,The NK-32 did surpass the American turbofan engine of the same period, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the NK-32 was the strongest turbofan engine in the world at that time. For this reason, Russia’s decision to ban exports is understandable.However, it may be an exaggeration to say that the NK-32 is 30 years ahead of the world. In terms of engine thrust, the maximum thrust of the NK-32 can reach 25 tons, which is indeed leading the world. However, if we look at the comprehensive data, the F-135 turbofan engine equipped by the United States on the F-35 fighter plane is less than half of the NK-32.But the engine produces 18 tons of thrust, and the United States is ramping up the F-135 turbofan, which, in laboratory tests, is heading for 22 tons.In addition, the Russian-developed -30 engine also achieves 18 tons of thrust.So in terms of overall performance, the NK-32 is not like these new generation aero-engines.Measuring 6 meters long and weighing more than 3 tons, it is simply a size advantage, and therefore only suitable for the Tu-160M, so to say that the NK-32 engine is 30 years ahead of the world is a bit of a stretch.

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