New Year’s money should not be spent recklessly to cultivate children’s financial outlook

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Bo) Every Spring Festival, the children can get a lot of lucky money.If parents directly “confiscate”, children will be upset;If left at their children’s disposal, parents worry that their children will splurge.Therefore, how to deal with the lucky money received is a problem that many parents are troubled by.Zhang Xiufang, an expert on children’s education, said that taking care of lucky money is a good educational opportunity for parents to give their children a correct understanding of financial management, consumption and savings, and cultivate their financial outlook.Preschool children are not mature, lack of independent thinking and reasonable control of money ability, lucky money can be handled by parents, but can teach children to understand what money is, what money can do.If there is a reasonable need, parents can consider giving children a certain amount of pocket money, let them spend their own.Children in primary and middle schools already know that money can buy a lot of things. Parents can divide the New Year’s money into three parts and save one part to let children know how to save and how to save.A consumer, when children want to buy something, can let them want to buy list, parents and children think together, what is a must buy, what is can buy later, this can let the children tell what is “need”, which is “want”, learn to allocate money;The third portion can be used for charity, to train children to be caring and help those in need.High school kids are close to adults in their spending behavior and already understand the power of money.Parents should ask their children how to control the New Year’s money in a calm tone and guide their reasonable use. They can also deposit the New Year’s money in the bank and then give the passbook or savings card to the child for safekeeping.To the part that the child wants consumption, the parent can instruct its to prepare a zhang book, wait for total amount, budget, expenditure to write down clearly, to end of the year again to the consumption of the whole year uses a circumstance to undertake summary.College students have basically grown up, but have not participated in the work, no income, some elders will give them lucky money.Parents can give the lucky money to their children to handle by themselves and use it for tuition, accommodation and daily living expenses during college. They can also guide their children to learn financial management and help them develop good financial habits according to the amount, purpose, risk preference and investment expectation of financial management.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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