Pregnancy pregnant mother lying down to sleep, the fetus uncomfortable to you sent a “signal”, you found it?

Many women are wary of everything they do when they learn they are pregnant.They often have a “glass heart”, afraid that some of their behavior will hurt the baby in the abdomen, even sleep position, they will tangle for a long time, afraid of their fetal treasure in the abdomen will be uncomfortable.And if the fetus is hard to come by, expectant mothers will be more cautious.Xuan Xuan is a beautiful girl. She and her husband were lovers in college.When others are still worried about the graduation destination, Xuan Xuan has been quietly preparing for the wedding, graduation to get married, Xuan Xuan became the first person in the class to get married.At the wedding, classmates gathered together, “three years embrace two” and other blessing words make introverted Xuan Xuan blushed.But the time went by three years, Xuan Xuan’s stomach has not any movement, she and her husband rushed around to seek medical treatment, Xuan Xuan finally “good pregnancy”, this difficult child experience let Xuan xuan pay special attention to the fetal treasure in the abdomen.Since she learned that she was pregnant, she resigned from her job and was very careful in all aspects of domestic pregnancy, food, clothing, housing and transportation. Even when she was supposed to relax, she was very nervous, turning over and other movements were very light.With the increase of gestational age, Xuan Xuan gradually began to “show her pregnancy”.During the pregnancy, Xuan Xuan always liked to sleep on her back, but one day, she felt the fetus in her abdomen moving frequently, and she couldn’t help feeling nervous.Later, she began to recall her previous actions and speculated that the fetus might have been uncomfortable because she was lying on her back.Subsequently, Xuan Xuan posted a message in her girlfriends group, wanting to learn lessons from them. Her girlfriends saw her question, and they discussed it with each other.One of her girlfriends said bluntly: “I never pay attention to posture when I sleep, I sleep how comfortable I am. Xuan Xuan is too nervous when she is pregnant, and the most important thing is for her mother to rest well.”On the contrary, another friend suggested that pregnant women should sleep on their side or their unborn baby would be uncomfortable.Xuan Xuan asked her girlfriends, still a little confused, do not know what to do.In fact, in the early and middle stages of pregnancy, pregnant mother can be in line with the principle of how comfortable how to sleep, do not need to care too much about their sleeping position.But in the third trimester, pregnant mothers can pay more attention to their sleeping position, choose to sleep on their side rather than on their back.The reason why pregnant mothers are advised to sleep on their side in the third trimester is that when they lie on their back, the growing fetus will compress the inferior vena cava of the pregnant mother, thus affecting the blood supply to the placenta, causing a danger.Pregnant mother supine for a long time, the fetus in the abdomen may feel uncomfortable, they will send a “help” signal to their mother, has been moving.The fetus in his stomach will be so uncomfortable when he sleeps on his back, Xuan Xuan know the truth, guilty uneasy.Some pregnant mothers will also be because of supine hypotension and other “supine syndrome during pregnancy” and other situations, the occurrence of these situations are related to the fetal pressure to the vein when sleeping on your back.As for the choice of the left side or the right side to sleep, pregnant mothers do not have to be too tangled, theoretically speaking, sleep on the left side is better.This position can correct mild dextral rotation of the uterus, but in reality, sleeping on the left side of the pregnant mother can affect the quality of sleep.Pregnant mothers can ensure adequate sleep, is particularly important for the development of the fetus in the abdomen.In late pregnancy, the increased fetus will not only compress the inferior vena cava of the pregnant mother, but also may compress her bladder, making the phenomenon of frequent urination of the pregnant mother.In addition, many pregnant mothers in the late pregnancy will also appear edema, leg cramps and other conditions, the emergence of these conditions will have a certain impact on the sleep of pregnant mothers, some pregnant mothers will even appear sleepless all night, or can only sit to sleep.If you’re having trouble sleeping during the third trimester, these tips may help you get through it.There is no need to worry about insomnia in late pregnancy. There are small tricks to help sleeping. Some pregnant mothers like Xuan Xuan are accustomed to sleeping on their backs.After knowing the need to sleep on the side in the third trimester, these pregnant women are prone to uncomfortable sleeping all night.If you’re not used to sleeping on your side like Xuan xuan, you can use a pillow behind your back or a maternity pillow to improve your sleep quality.The support of the pillow will reduce the discomfort of the pregnant mother sleeping on the side, so that the pregnant mother can have a better sleep quality.Many pregnant mothers in late pregnancy sleep well, because of the impact of frequent urination.Because frequent urination is associated with fetal pressure on the bladder.If pregnant mother wants to reduce the number of times to go to the bathroom at night, from dinner until bedtime, to control their own water, drink less soup water.If pregnant mother is really thirsty, you can try to use your mouth to sip some water to quench your thirst, avoid large gulps of water, drinking a lot of water will increase the phenomenon of frequent urination, so pregnant mother will have to get up countless times at night, greatly affecting the quality of sleep.Many pregnant mother in late pregnancy sleep well, because often appear in the middle of the night leg cramps.If pregnant mother often leg cramps, we should begin to pay attention to calcium.In addition to taking calcium tablets this way, pregnant mothers in the diet should also pay more attention to eat more calcium-rich food, such as milk, soy products, shrimp, etc..In addition, many pregnant mothers in late pregnancy is often difficult to fall asleep and their leg muscle pain.A mother’s weight rises sharply in the third trimester as her baby grows in size.If standing for a long time during the day, pregnant mothers will inevitably suffer from leg muscle pain and insomnia.And to relieve the symptoms, pregnant mothers can bubble their feet before going to bed, or let their husband to rub their legs.Parenting message says “mother and child at heart”, in pregnancy, pregnant mother worried about the health of the fetus is understandable, but pregnant mother to know that if their spirit is in a tight state for a long time, the fetus and themselves are affected, therefore, pregnant mother should learn to adjust their emotions.In addition, pregnant mother also want to know more about some of the related knowledge of parenting, so that when you encounter problems, will be in a hurry.(The pictures in this article are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)

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