Regimental commissar with arm for a head of life, later when the head of the air Force deputy commander, political commissar into the prime minister

In March 1936, 18 regiment commissar Yu Qiuli in the battle for the regiment commander Cheng Jun blocked a gun, and this gun also let Yu Qiuli lost an arm forever.It was yu’s dedication that saved Cheng’s life and allowed him to continue fighting for the party and his country, becoming deputy commander of the Air Force, and Yu himself, who later became prime minister.That year, Yu Qiuli is 22 years old, cheng Jun is 25 years old, their common revolutionary ideal lets the two people that is worth youth years become close to each other in the army of the party, and yu Qiuli stands out boldly also became the turning point that two people make deep acquaintance, the youth of two prime of life and death comes in the flames of war fly.More than two decades later, both men became national leaders.The two people shine in their own fields and make outstanding contributions to the Party and the country. They undoubtedly admire each other and admire each other.Their revolutionary friendship and the touching past in the war is not only a reflection of their personal qualities, but also an epitome of the selfless and fearless phenomenon of Chinese Communists in the war.In 1936, the 18th Regiment of the Second Red Army Corps met with kuomintang troops in the Wumeng Mountain area.After a fierce battle, 18 regiment commissar Yu Qiuli and colonel Cheng Jun and others tried to lure the enemy to the Red Army ambush point.However, before the goal was achieved, disillusioned Kuomintang generals led their troops to retreat quickly.Sungkyun immediately left his hiding place and stood on a high slope, loudly directing his soldiers to attack the Korean army while observing the enemy’s situation.Cheng Jun’s exposure caused the attention of the Kuomintang machine gunners, the enemy’s guns quietly aimed at cheng Jun still Shouting to encourage morale.A gunshot, blood splashed, but the injury is not cheng Jun, but his next to yu Qiuli.It turned out that at that critical moment, Yu Qiuli sensed the impending danger. He didn’t have time to think about it. He shouted, and without hesitation, pulled Sung Kyun back with his left arm.So a fresh wound exploded in Yu’s already badly injured left arm.The intense pain spread from Yu’s left arm to his body, tuging his brain nerves.Recover from the shock of Cheng Jun quickly help Yu Qiuli check the injury.Only saw yu Qiuli arm left two tendons connected with the flesh and exposed bone, the wound shocking.In grief and anger cheng Jun led the Red Army soldiers to kill countless Kuomintang soldiers, out of danger.Rare treasures, beautiful clothes, these expensive and gorgeous gifts are tempting, but “with my arm to protect your life” generosity is shrouded in a layer of tragic color, with those innocuous luxury gifts do not have a lofty value.In fact, whether between friends or relatives, lovers, when receiving gifts, what people want is not how expensive how luxurious gifts, but a heart.On the other hand, it is much more sincere and valuable for a gift-giver to sacrifice what he or she needs to give someone what he or she needs than to give someone what he or she does not need.Due to the lack of good medical conditions, Yu Qiuli’s wound continued to deteriorate, festering inflammation, in order to prevent the spread of injuries, finally through amputation to save Yu Qiuli’s life.The incident has been said to be remembered, he has repeatedly told his family that his life was saved by an arm of Yu Qiuli.The two also established a deep revolutionary friendship under this opportunity.In fact, Yu Qiuli and Cheng Jun not only have a noble revolutionary spirit, but also have excellent ability. Although their expertise is different, they have made some dazzling achievements in their respective fields.Many years later, one of them became the premier, the other became the deputy commander of the Air Force, and jointly witnessed the birth of new China.He joined the Red Army in 1930 and the Communist Party of China in 1931.On the battlefield, he was a real tiger.He once followed Xu Shiyou in Shandong battlefield beat the enemy to flee, but also in the battle across the River to break through the enemy’s 10 kilometers of defense, the main enemy’s brilliant record of annihilation.Sungkyun not only had excellent combat ability, but also had absolute say in the management of the army.In the face of the personnel of the 8th Regiment of the 4th Detachment of the New Fourth Army with different origins, uneven quality and mental outlook, Cheng Jun was not disappointed and discouraged. He improved military discipline and trained the team, and led the team to deal a heavy blow to the Forces of the Japanese puppet army in the Southern Anhui Incident.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Sung Gyun, who became the commander of the Air Force, did not relent.He made extraordinary achievements both in the construction of the Air Force and in territorial air defense operations, and was highly appreciated by Chairman MAO and other central leaders.Unlike Sung Gyun, who dazzled on the battlefield, Yu’s contributions to the party and the country were mostly in political work.Doing ideological and political work was Yu Qiuli’s strong point. When the war was about to pass and the situation in China was clear, his method of “complaining three times” for the reform of kuomintang prisoners was recognized by Chairman MAO.Yu Qiuli’s greatest contribution is in the construction of daqing oilfield.Determined to create conditions without conditions, Yu qiuli, regardless of the fact that he had lost his left arm and the extremely harsh weather conditions in Heilongjiang province, organized and led many oil workers to build the Daqing oilfield, which greatly changed the situation of China’s economic difficulties and dependence on imported oil at that time.After becoming vice premier, Yu qiuli did not relax because of his high position, he continued to work diligently.Even the inhuman treatment he suffered at that particular time did not demoralize him.After being rescued, Yu qiuli began to assist Premier Zhou in a series of efforts to restore the devastated national economy.Over the past 20 years, Cheng Jun and Yu Qiuli have gradually changed from young soldiers into calm leaders of the country. Perhaps when they meet again, they will smile at each other with gratitude and consolation, appreciation and care…All the inexplicable feelings are bypassed tedious words, in each other’s eyes and hearty laughter is interpreted by each other.In March 1936, a bright red blood flower blossomed on the snow of Wumeng Mountain with a gunshot. Yu Qiuli, 22, saved the life of Cheng Jun, 25, with his arm, and their revolutionary friendship began.The friendship between the two continued even after they separated because of their respective expertise.In the 1930s, the story of Yu Qiuli protecting Cheng Jun regardless of his own life and Cheng Jun’s yearning for it and his lifelong gratitude also reflect their brilliance of human nature in difficulties and conscience of people who cannot be killed by prosperity, which is undoubtedly a sharp irony to the selfish, cowardly and ungrateful behavior of some people at present.

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