Sun Haiyang overcome the “fear” of the New Year, anxious to paste Spring Festival couplets Sun Hui help, Sun Yue Sun Zhuo disappeared

The incident of sun Zhuo and Sun Haiyang’s marriage really makes many netizens feel the greatness of family love. Sun Haiyang searched for Sun Zhuo for 14 years before he found sun Zhuo and was recognized by Sun Zhuo. This naturally makes sun Haiyang’s family happy.Facing the first New Year when Sun Zhuo came back, all sun Haiyang’s family were very excited. Not only did the five members of the family go back to their hometown in Hubei province for the New Year, but The smile on Sun Haiyang’s face never dropped.On a short video platform, Sun Haiyang posted a 20-second video of himself pasting Spring Festival couplets in his hometown in Hubei province on his personal account. However, sun’s copywriting said, “I used to be afraid of the Spring Festival, but I am anxious about the Spring Festival this year, so I put them up in advance and wait for the Spring Festival…”Now Sun Haiyang is able to overcome his “fear” and look forward to the New Year, it must be because Sun Zhuo has finally been found.Every New Year is a day for family reunion. Anyway, going home for the Spring Festival is naturally what every couple of parents look forward to for their children.It is probably during the 14 years when Sun Zhuo was abducted that the whole family of Sun Haiyang cared about Sun Zhuo all the time. Every Spring Festival, Sun Zhuo would grow one year older, but he did not know where he was at such a reunion time, which naturally made Sun Haiyang very afraid of Spring Festival.Now, Sun Zhuo Sun Zhuo success find also recognize and accept his biological parents, choose their own biological parents live together, and also gives hai-yang sun to overcome the “fear” to celebrate the courage, is very worried of waiting for the Chinese New Year Spring Festival couplets, presumably is also eager to with Sun Zhuo abducted 14 years, to a tenant.Faced with the situation that Sun Haiyang overcame his “fear” and was anxious to paste the curtains on the Spring Festival, Sun Zhuo’s younger brother Sun Hui took on the “heavy responsibility” of the family with his small shoulders. He followed his father sun Haiyang to paste the Spring Festival couplets and helped him along the bottom of the couplets.It is really see sun Hui’s warm male potential, but Sun Haiyang is anxious to stick couplets, Sun Hui help, Sun Zhuo and Sun Yue two people are missing.Said although some netizens appeal, let Sun Zhuo stick couplets on the Spring Festival, but in the video Sun Zhuo and sun yue didn’t appear, the sister and the entire absent, only brother ya in help hai-yang sun to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, and also didn’t mention in the video Sun Zhuo and sun yue why are two people go to, but my mother did not appear, the greater possibility is that both of them to help mother.Hai-yang sun for Sun Zhuo 14 years, suffered from 14 years for “fear” of the New Year, now Sun Zhuo were retrieved, nature also hai-yang sun family were the first New Year’s eve, hai-yang sun worry series is understandably, hope hai-yang sun family can happiness after the first Spring Festival, buyers there don’t come out as a moth,Finally, I hope the abducted children will come home soon!

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