Taikang Rural Commercial Bank: held party history study education summative meeting

Liu Fengmei, reporter of Henan Economic newspaper zhang Xiaolin, Li Xiujuan recently, taikang agricultural commercial bank organized a party history study education summary meeting.At the meeting, Dutang Party Branch secretary and Wulikou Party Branch secretary, as representatives, reported the development of 2021 Party history study and education of the party branch, and participants exchanged their experiences on the results of party history study and education in the past year.The bank chairman Shao Qun summing-up, party history study, since the education to carry out the minzhu agri-businesses party committee attaches great importance to the bank, elaborate organization, focus on the content, form new recruit, unreal, ensure that each party members and cadres to learn deep learn, learn the success, realize the party history study education and business work to promote each other, minzhu agri-businesses Banks continue to promote high quality transformation development.He stressed that all employees, especially Party members and cadres, should deepen their study, sharpen their original aspiration in the study and education of Party history, and show their responsibility in practical affairs.Inspire responsibility, deepen the details in the service;Gather strength and plan for the future in a pragmatic way.It is necessary to build a good style from top to bottom by centering on the main keynote of “strengthening party building, strict management, changing work style and seeking actual results” and the management concept of “adjusting structure, controlling risk, reducing cost and improving quality and efficiency” of the Provincial Association, and take the opportunity of “Capacity and Work Style Building Year” to provide a good guarantee for the implementation of high standards of all work.We will further concentrate our efforts, improve our work style, reform with determination and strive to make greater contributions to the high-quality development of Taikang Rural Commercial Bank.

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