The king who rose from the ashes

You were born a mountain, not a stream.Beijing Winter Olympics, Jin Boyang defeated Jin Boyang!”The first time I got to know Kim Boyang, it was at an exhibition match in Osaka. This handsome young man dressed as a water ice moon danced in the water.I still remember that game, I immediately went to collect information about this boy, only to know how good he was.He became famous when he was young.At 14, he completed his first quadruple jump.At the age of 18, he completed the triple triple jump with a hook and an outside point on ice at the China Cup, becoming the first athlete to do this in an international competition.After that, he continued to shine in the World Championships, becoming the first Chinese men’s single free skater to stand on the podium at the World Championships.He has undoubtedly made great contributions to the development of Figure skating in China.The year after his triple jump, he and figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu took the world of figure skating to a new level.In the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Kim finished fourth.It was China’s best result in men’s free skating at a Winter Olympics.Jin Boyang once again made outstanding contributions to Chinese figure skating.It was during this period that the turning point occurred.It is always said that every athlete has their own bottleneck, and Kim boyang’s bottleneck came right after the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.Successive retreat, fall again and again, again and again back, which undoubtedly brought a major blow to Jin Boyang.I began to see the story behind Jin Boyang.Behind the bright, is countless times of practice, is countless times of falling, but he does not give up, insist.In the bottleneck period of that period of time, countless times the defense collapsed, but so what, just stick to it.Jin Boyang’s idol is Yuzuru Hanyu, and he is also moving toward his idol.I think he thinks of his idol every night.Follow his footsteps all the way to work together to become excellent, to become a better self.Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jin Boyang was hospitalized because of illness.Another big blow, but it was at home and nobody wanted to miss it.After he was discharged from hospital, he began intensive training, just to improve his physical fitness.His friends, coaches and family all helped him adjust to his condition, and he lived up to his expectations and successfully got the ticket for the Beijing Winter Olympics.God will not fail every child who tries.This time, Jin boyang not only competed in the men’s free skate, but also competed in the team event.For five consecutive days, he scored 7 points for The Chinese team;In the individual short program, with his song “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, he got 90.98 points, which was his highest score of the season and successfully advanced to the final.He finished ninth with 270.43 points.This made The Chinese audience sigh: “Golden Boyang is back!”When he was on the ice rink, with his own sincere heart, skating out such a good result.At that time, the scores were rising and he was shining.Not bright on the outside, but bright from the inside out.As CCTV host Chen Ying said to him: “Jin Boyang is born again from the fire, even in the boundless darkness, just believe that I was born to be a mountain, not a stream, and I want to look down on a low ditch from the top of a mountain. I was born to be a man, not a worthless piece of grass. Jin Boyang overcame Jin Boyang and became a better version of himself.

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