What’s Jiang Ziya’s last name

Ginger.1. Jiang Ziya, also known as Jiang Shang, was a famous Historical figure in China, born in the late Shang and early Zhou Dynasties.Jiang, Lu shi, given name Shang, one name Wang, styled ziya, or Dan Huya, alias Fei Xiong, because his ancestors assisted Yu to smooth the soil was sealed in Lu, so to Lu shi, also known as Lu Shang.2. The surname of Jiang Ziya is Jiang, and the clan is Lu. The given name is Shang, and the character is Ziya, so both Jiang Ziya and Lu Shang refer to the same person.Jiang Ziya was born in Ji County, Henei County. During the Period of Emperor Su of Tang Dynasty, he was proclaimed king of Wucheng and set up a temple for sacrifice.3, the surname indicates the blood, can not be changed at will;But He can change.For example, zhang surname is jiang Ziya descendants, was originally Jiang Lu, later sealed in the Qi Zhang Yi, zhang for the family.Later when the children and grandchildren lost the fief, the “di”, which symbolizes the fief, was removed and became the Zhangs.Later, when the surname was not divided, zhang became the surname.Jiang Ziya was indeed the surname Jiang, which means he was descended from Emperor Yan by blood.The Zhou enfeited eight hundred vassals, more than half of whom had the surname Ji.The ancestor of Jiang Ziya assisted Yu in controlling the flood and was sealed in The land of Lu, so it was called Lu Shi.

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