What’s the difference between Toronto and Ottawa?What exactly is The Canadian GTA?

Have you ever heard any of your friends in Canada talk about GTA?The Great Toronto Area, the Greater Toronto Area.Toronto, as we often call it, is just one city, and the largest city in Canada (city of Toronto in yellow).This Toronto city has a large population, crowded city, high housing price, and most of the old houses, similar to our second Ring Road in Beijing, except for the rich, ordinary people can only afford to buy a small apartment of tens of square meters, or decades or even hundreds of years old small villas.Therefore, for most Chinese living and working in Toronto, most of them choose to live in the four surrounding areas (light yellow, blue, orange and green) with Toronto city as the center. These areas are similar to daxing district, Haidian District and Changping District of Beijing, which are dozens of kilometers away from the downtown area.So if we compare it in a more understandable way, GTA is the city of Beijing, and the four surrounding districts are similar to the third, fourth, fifth and sixth ring roads of Beijing.Markham, Richmond Hill and Oakville, where most Chinese live, are about 20-30 kilometers away from Toronto city.Belongs to Ontario, so if you ask me why people flock to GTA, why not curve to lower prices for saving the capital of Ottawa, Ottawa, employment opportunities, organizational system and city scale GTA is didn’t do than, difference is similar to Beijing and tianjin, although belong to north China the earth, and the difference is that international metropolis and domestic second-tier cities.

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