Who is the next president of the United States?Trump has appointed himself three years ahead of schedule, and the nation is on edge

A video of former US President Donald Trump playing golf at a Miami golf course has gone viral on the Internet, domestic media reported.In the video, Mr. Trump calls himself the 47th president of the United States.That has led to widespread speculation that Trump will not only run for president in 2024, but also win and take back the White House from Biden.In a video that has gone viral on social media, Trump is said to be wearing a “MAGA” hat as he prepares to play ball.Then a man not in front of the camera, speaking with a thick Eastern European accent, said, “Everybody, here on the first serve is the 45th president of the United States.””The 45th and 47th,” Trump responded.People around applauded and shouted, “Yes!”Trump then swung the club and hit the ball, prompting the person taking the video and those around him to exclaim, “Nice!”, according to reports in the trump after losing the 2020 election, the United States have been looking at the trump will return in the 2024 elections, but trump has not officially published the news of his will to participate in the 2024 presidential campaign, only through a series of measures suggested people, he may run again, and strengthened his control of the republican at the same time.Similarly, whether Current U.S. President Joe Biden will run for president in 2024 is also a question of interest in the United States.While biden administration officials had insisted he would run for a second term, he will turn 82 in 2024, and questions have been raised about his ability to run for president.In December 2021, Biden responded, “If I’m healthy by then, I will run for president in 2024.””If Trump becomes the Republican nominee, it will make it more likely that I will run for president,” he added.The report notes that Trump remains very popular with Republican voters, despite the many legal issues that remain unresolved.In a poll released in December 2021, he led Florida Governor RON desantis, who also wants to run for president, by 43 percent.Trump also said he would be willing to make Desantis his running mate as his vice president.It is worth mentioning that a US pollster released data on January 26 local time showed that if Trump and Biden meet again in the 2024 presidential election, Trump’s support rate is 44 percent, while Biden’s is 45 percent, the two are almost neck and neck.

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