Yi Xiangdong survey highway work

Investigate the site.Rednet Moment February 11 – (correspondent Gu Jinghua) On February 11, under the cold wind, braving the rain, Zhuzhou City people’s government deputy mayor Yi Xiangdong, deputy secretary General Huang Shengyang and his party, light cars, in-depth investigation of the city traffic affairs center highway work.Sanmen maintenance station is zhuzhou city traffic affairs center newly built comprehensive maintenance station, beautiful environment, complete facilities.A maintenance station, Yi Xiangdong cordial and the first line of maintenance workers shake hands, caring, carefully asked the pipeline line, daily life, party construction work and so on.He told the accompanying personnel that we should care about the heating and cooling of front-line workers and improve their working and living conditions.Learned that the station at the end of last year 8 maintenance workers, volunteered to fight all night in the Xiangjiang three Bridges, the obligation to do a good job of ice protection work, Yi Xiangdong praised the road is a hard fight, a good team with feelings.In the road emergency supplies reserve Center, Yi xiangdong and his delegation visited multi-functional snow removal vehicles, snow shovel vehicles, bridge inspection vehicles and other mechanical equipment, and had a detailed understanding of the road flood control and protection, ice protection and other emergency rescue work.Roads are an important infrastructure for transport and development, he said. We need to have the courage to assume our responsibilities and take active actions to build roads for development and improve people’s livelihood, and effectively solve the people’s “urgent and anxious expectations.”The cultural and educational position comprehensively displays the highway evolution, brilliant achievements, cultural ideas and party construction work of the municipal transportation affairs center.Yi Xiangdong walked and looked, and stopped to ask.Learned that the city traffic affairs center is the city’s first batch of national civilized units, is also the province’s transportation system only six consecutive national civilized units, he said happily, the city traffic affairs center has taste, inheritance, bright spot, really deserved.After listening to the work report of zhong Yongjun, party secretary and director of the center, Yi xiangdong said that over the years, the city’s highway system has made unremitting efforts in improving the structure of the road network, improving traffic capacity and shaping the image of the industry, and achieved good results.At the same time, he stressed, should be based on the “big traffic” pattern, actively participate in, actively promote institutional reform, cohesion of development force, promote the high-quality development of highway work;Seize the integration of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiang-Jiangxi, regional cooperation and other opportunities, speed up the pace of road construction, increase road maintenance efforts, strive to cultivate the manufacturing city, the construction of a happy Zhuzhou road chapter;To “cadres ability to improve the year” activities as the starting point, strengthen the concept of faith education, ability and quality training, work style construction, to train the road team dare to fight hard, can win the battle, to promote the “three high four new” strategy, the construction of a modern new Zhuzhou contribution to the road force.

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