2-2!Big cold, by the absolute flat!5 champion Asian giants also collapsed, PK South American champions + out

Beijing time on February 2 in the morning, the preliminary round 8 12 strong matches in Asia that team ever win international champion 5 times of the Asian giants Australia also broke the big winner, with 2-2 score by Oman play ping, ranked 79th of Oman absolutely flat to Australia in the final time, let us see the team’s 1-1 draw with Australia similar images.This time Australia is also the first goal, for Australia scored 2 goals are respectively McLaren and Mooy, 2 people each scored a goal;It was Abdul Ghafoor who scored twice for Oman.Australia in the Asian cup win one trophy, cup win four titles in Oceania countries, this session of World Cup once considered direct promotion is big popular, rapid development at the beginning, 12 strong matches 3 in a row in the top flight, but recently five rounds of direct shot, only 1-3-1, lost nine points, after eight rounds of only 15 points,Dropping from first to third in the standings, Japan stormed to second place on a five-game winning streak with 18 points to Saudi Arabia’s 19.This round of play Oman, Australia did not continue the previous round of 4-0 thrashing of Vietnam hot form, instead played a 1-1 Chinese men’s football imbalance side, the game process is very tight.Statistics showed that Australia possessed 57% of the ball in the whole match, and scored 8-9 shots against Oman and 3-2 shots on target. The two teams’ attacking ability to grasp opportunities was very high, and the final score was 2-2.Coach Arnold has mooy, Matthew Ryan, McClaren, Boyle, Rojic, leckie, Jackson Owen, Bijic, Sainsbury, Deginek and Karacic in Australia’s starting line-up.At the start of the game, Australia played the strength of the big team, repeatedly attacking Oman, the game in the 14th minute, the high play was a miracle, Boyle into the box to grab a teammate’s pass, caused the goalkeeper to foul, the referee awarded a penalty, McClaren scored from the penalty spot, Australia 1-0 lead.In the 54th minute, Abdul Ghafoor scored a direct long-range goal to tie the score 1-1 for Oman.Australia took the lead again in the 79th minute when Mooy flicked home the ball from the top of the box to give It 2-1 Oman.Abdul Ghafoor converted a penalty kick in the 88th minute after Ghassani was brought down in the penalty area to make it 2-2 to Oman.According to schedule, Australia’s third basic to lock in group B, the last two rounds of games to play Japan and Saudi Arabia, first of all, the overall strength and status is not Japan, coupled with the first leg 2-0 defeat at Japan, the next round of big probability losing third round lock ahead of time, didn’t win against Saudi Arabia hold, 0-0 first leg playing the match.In this way, the road to the World Cup in Australia is also very carefree, will be in the third place play-off win over group A, then PK play-off basic confirm South American champions, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Colombia, 4 had won the America’s cup champion team for the fifth World Cup South America area, in accordance with the rules of the South America area fifth in intercontinental play-offs,And then against the Asian play-off winners.In this scenario, Australia will be knocked out against the South American champions, the Copa America champions, with a big gap between the Asian and American teams.

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