40% of sena’s top-of-the-line model sales?What is gaC Toyota hinting at

Is the change in sales from 2, 791 to 5, 399 a sign that Senegal is back on its feet?Recently, GaC Toyota officially released the sales volume of Sena in January 2022, 5,399 units compared with 2,791 units in the previous month, which is climbing at a high speed. Although the saying has changed from “wholesale sales” to the more common “sales”, in fact, we can neither ignore nor deny the rapid growth of the number.On the sales poster for December 2021, in addition to the sales figures and “wholesale sales”, the sentence “Production capacity is gradually released and new cars are in hot delivery” seems to reasonably explain the reasons for 2,791 units. It is worth mentioning that the sales statistics of the Federation show that the retail sales are less than 1,000 units.It should be mentioned that at the 4th China International Import Expo, which opened on November 5, 2021, and Toyota motor’s press conference on November 21, Toyota officially announced that Sena Welfare will provide vehicle guarantee for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Therefore, the wholesale sales of 2,791 vehicles are also included in this part of vehicles.Since January, TC jun can often see the Racing past in Beijing’s Olympic lanes, so it is playing its due role.The January sales poster had a more interesting line than the December poster — “40% of sales for platinum with 405,800 tops”.According to TC Jun’s past experience, the most popular models are mainly middle-sized models. After all, the middle-sized models can meet daily needs both in appearance and configuration, and have excellent cost performance.The main role of low distribution models is to drive down the price, so that the product more competitive in the market, but the actual configuration is often miserable.Boast their top models sell well, GAC Toyota to show the first is their own “facade”, brand flagship models show the brand value;The second is product power, rich configuration, comfortable car, in other words, in addition to the top, other configuration models “can not see”;Thirdly, car buyers do not care about the price, creating an intuitive feeling that “Consumers who buy Sena do not need money”. This user portrait is also in line with the positioning of “Toyota’s high-end flagship MPV”.Fourth, the channel has a strong sales capacity and proper sales rhetoric, which “positively” affects the subjective emotions of the users in the store, leading to the final choice of top matching.Also, the high proportion of top-of-the-line models in sales also suggests that Sena is holding its value.It hopes to break the rule that “high premium cars have higher disparagement rates than low premium cars”.Resale value and configuration of car will actually is not large, second-hand dealer are not collect value those fancy configuration, users spend more money to buy the high gradation, top-of-the-line car selling price and low with almost the same, which makes you a much higher rate of depreciation, therefore tend to look from the resale value or more profitable to buy low and medium distribution models.To put it simply, GAC Toyota hopes to prove through the race that “this car value, please buy wild”.Of course, there is also some gossip that the reason for the high proportion of top-equipped models is that “nearly half of the sales of top-equipped models are test drives”, for which Mr TC has reservations.As for the price increase, TC Jun has been paying attention to it and consulted several 4S stores in Beijing. Recently, it seems that there is some restraint. Some stores have reduced the amount of cash price increase, while others have changed from cash price increase to equivalent decoration.Oddly enough, TC Jun’s first reaction when he saw Senna on the street was “How much did the buyer really pay for it?”

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