China is hosting the Winter Olympics, and the United States has accused Russia of invading Ukraine and threatening Chinese companies

On February 4, China was busy preparing for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Russian President Vladimir Putin, China’s old friend, came to attend the Olympic ceremony as scheduled and held talks with Chinese leaders in the afternoon.However, the United States, which regards China and Russia as the “biggest threat”, never stopped hyping up “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” while Putin was in Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. It did not want Putin to enjoy watching the Olympic Games in Beijing.On February 3, local time, the Washington Post reported that Russia is considering making a video of Russia being attacked by Ukraine as a pretext for military action against Ukraine in order to “invade” Ukraine.The Washington Post cited senior White House officials who said Russian intelligence was also involved in the operation.In addition to the US media, State Department spokesperson Price also said that the Biden administration disclosed the information, which echoed the description of the US media.He added that the United States made the information public in order to expose Russian plots and deter its aggression in Ukraine.But when pressed for evidence, the sworn Mr Price recanted, saying his statement was evidence.The United States is a “rogue state”, always like to cheat.They decided that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction based on a bottle of washing powder, and then went to war against them, killing and looting other countries’ territory.Can such a country be expected to show any real proof that Russia intends to invade Ukraine?Obviously, this is just a new way for the US to hype up “Russian invasion of Ukraine”.According to international convention, there should be a truce during the Olympics. China initiated an Olympic truce at the United Nations, which has been signed by several countries, including Russia, but the United States has refused to sign on.The Ukraine issue was created by the United States in order to contain Russia, turn Ukraine into an anti-Russian front line, and put NATO’s guns in Russia’s face.After months of border confrontation, Ukraine did not want to fight, Russia did not want to fight, but the United States kept fanning the flames and provoking a war between Russia and Ukraine in order to further its own interests.In response to the groundless accusations by the US, The Russian side says it has never done such a thing. The US has reported such information more than once, but has never presented any real evidence.The Ukraine issue is a family affair between Russia and Ukraine, not for the United States to intervene in.If there is a need for a third party to mediate in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it must be countries such as Germany and France, not the meddling Us.In fact, after the Talks between Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine in the “Normandy format”, the situation in Ukraine has eased, the risk of war has been reduced a lot and is moving in a direction that benefits both peoples.Now the United States is taking advantage of China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics to hype up “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”, inciting war between the two countries, its Wolf ambition, clearly revealed.In addition, Price also threatened Chinese companies on February 3, saying that they would be punished if they tried to cooperate with Russia to help relieve the pressure of sanctions imposed on Russia.However, we can laugh at the bravado of the United States and do not pay too much attention to it. Anyway, the United States has been Shouting sanctions against China for a long time.The result is a stronger China and a weaker America.

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