Chinese men’s football: a mirror to China’s dark side

Just last night, I saw the news of the men’s football team’s “low-key” charter flight home and five-star hotel quarantine. This morning, I saw the news of the women’s football team’s 6-5 penalty shootout victory over Japan, which came from behind to win.As you can imagine, the girls that fighting spirit is how admirable.Chinese women’s football team is worthy of the title of “sonorous rose”.It is said that this match is not broadcast live on CCTV. We don’t know why, but in a market economy, it is reasonable to consider profit first, unless the social benefit is great.Frankly speaking, many people who lambasted women’s football for not being paid attention to do not care much about women’s football at ordinary times.I just don’t know if there is a charter flight and five-star isolation for the girls to return home. I hope there is. After all, there should be.It is hoped that men’s football team will no longer excuse the decline of football level with the so-called “football young people’s limited selection of materials and sports venues”.Decades ago, when there were fewer people and fewer venues, the level of Chinese men’s football is no match for it now. It is a public opinion that the level of Chinese men’s football is declining.And the results of the women’s soccer team can make these people even more face.There is a saying that men’s football is the legitimate son of a big family, while women’s football is the illegitimate son who is ignored and dedicated.It’s a very vivid and realistic description.For decades, The Chinese men’s football team has been the object of national ridicule, the source of countless literary and artistic works, and the great prosperity of socialist spiritual production.Therefore, I always believe that the problem of Chinese men’s football is not money and attention, but too much money and attention. More importantly, men’s football condenses all the negative factors of Chinese society and is a demon mirror of the dark side of China.Without a thorough reform, Chinese men’s football team will never make progress.But perhaps many people are hoping to keep the status quo forever?

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