Cofco Merlin lunch meat, your daily meal partner

When it comes to cooking, many people have headaches.For a person who has never cooked, in a short time, to be able to cook, but also simple, it is best to match meat and vegetables, meat and vegetables, then only CoFCO Merlin lunch meat can be competent.Cofco Merlin lunch meat is our good partner for three meals a day.Below small make up is to share some happiness surge of luncheon meat, collection up for the heart full of love to do a delicious meal ~ love: breakfast eggs wrapped luncheon meat seen “please answer 1988” people know that Michael mother love to Michael to do this dish, but often fail to put too much salt or fell into the egg shell.First, remove the Chinese food Merlin lunch meat from the tin, cut it into slices and place them on a plate. Arrange them neatly so that they can be easily removed from the plate when frying.Beat an egg in the bowl, add cooking wine, stir the bubble, and then put the lunch meat into the egg liquid, so that it evenly wrapped in the egg liquid.Heat the oil until it smokes. Scoop the egg – soaked luncheon meat from a bowl, wrap it in slices and flip in about seven seconds.Frying can be put into the pan edge filter oil, generally a bowl of egg wrapped in a pot of food Merlin lunch meat is redundant egg liquid.So you can wrap the scrambled lunch meat in egg wash and fry it again. The egg wash is thicker and tastier. This egg wrap lunch meat is also super delicious when it’s cool and has a crispy skin.Nutritious lunch: The first step to prepare the ingredients, cofCO merlin lunch meat slice, green pepper and onion shred.Then pour a small amount of cold oil into a hot wok and let the oil come to a little boil. Then fry the luncheon meat until golden brown on both sides.Finally, add the pre-chopped Onions and green peppers and stir well.Add a tablespoon of ground peppercorns to remove the smell and titian. One tablespoon is very fresh and does not need salt.Here’s where a stir-fry of spam can be cooked. The happiness you get in less than 10 minutes is something you should try.First of all, cut the coFCO Merlin lunch meat into small pieces, about the size of a mah-jongg, and cut the Onions into the same size. Don’t cut them too thick.Step 2 Heat the wok with oil and fry the scallions until fragrant. Add the luncheon meat and stir-fry for 3-5 minutes until Browning.Add the cabbage and onion to the pan and cook for 2 minutes until softened.Salt is found in lunch meat and spicy cabbage, so you don’t have to put it in separately.Cofco Merlin, as a domestic brand and national brand, has been guarding the national table culture, classic delicious, always available at home.We also expect you to unlock more interesting coFCO Merlin lunch meat stealth eating method, to bring us more surprises ~ “This article is my personal opinion, has nothing to do with the brand and the media.”

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