Female car owners are popular T5 heyday circle powder secret low fuel consumption

For many consumers, in addition to the cost of car purchase, car maintenance, daily car costs are not negligible economic burden.Therefore, a low fuel consumption model has become the choice of many consumers.Age as a “national car”, has a low fuel consumption characteristics of popular T5 prosperous time since listing has attracted the attention of a large number of consumers, the owner is a logistics company boss after 90, at the same time, a young mother, treasure her perfect fit for the family’s financial elite status, and work for the family every do strictly control the cost.For his car popular T5 heyday, so said: low fuel consumption, high quality, this car is absolutely a good helper in work and life.When Ms. Zhao was a student, her parents bought a commercial vehicle, Lingzhi M5, which could not only be used for family use, but also help her parents transport some goods.It is from the dongfeng popular military quality trust, Ms. Zhao also chose popular brand models.As for why to choose popular T5 heyday, she still has a deeper consideration.As a result of oneself opened a logistics company, in order to save the cost of daily work car, Ms. Zhao values the characteristics of low fuel consumption of models very much, and faddish T5 shengshi is absolutely a wise choice.First of all, the engine of this car is not “picky”, just need to fill 92 gasoline.In terms of actual fuel consumption, the 1.5T model version purchased by Ms. Zhao has run 5000 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is maintained at about 7.0L. Taking 1000km long distance driving as an example, the national average price of 92 gasoline is about 7.14 yuan /L, and the fuel cost of popular T5 Style is only 714 yuan.That’s less than 80 cents per kilometer.”Usually the store staff is too busy, I can also drive faddish T5 style to help deliver goods.With a full load, I’m happy with the car’s combined fuel economy.”Such low fuel consumption performance cannot be separated from the support of engine technology, of course, Ms. Zhao bought the popular T5 Sheng Shi 1.5T engine power of 115kW, peak torque of 230N·m, peak torque speed range of 1750-4600rpm, broad torque span also makes the vehicle in the middle and rear section of the acceleration ability is stronger,Instant speed and short distance overtaking more rapid, even if the whole family travel, luggage fully loaded, popular T5 style can also provide ample power output.In terms of engine technology, popular T5 style is equipped with variable valve timing, lightweight, low friction and other technologies to achieve the perfect balance of power and economy, with ultra-low fuel consumption for Ms. Zhao to save travel expenses.In Ms. Zhao’s words, “although the oil price is still rising, the daily fuel expenses really do not feel, for the company indirectly save a sum of money.”For Ms. Zhao, T5 popular style of fuel economy is an important step to get her heart, inherit in dongfeng military quality more let Ms. Zhao made up her mind to buy a car.So compared to the same model, popular T5 heyday provides what quality assurance?First is the important quality assurance, compared with the same level of competitive products conventional 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers warranty period, popular T5 heyday provides core parts to enjoy 10 years /1 million kilometers warranty, which is not only a solemn commitment to consumers without worry, but also a strong confidence in their own product strength.Faddish T5 shengshi ultra-long quality assurance completely eliminated Ms. Zhao to engine problems worry.In addition to the quality assurance of the engine, T5 fashionable style more in the vehicle to give Ms. Zhao leap-level driving texture.In terms of core components, fadin T5 Shengshi applies Bosch (ESP)/Weibasit (skylight)/Yamazaki (instrument)/Honda (lock)/Lear (seat) and other big brand parts at any cost, bringing high-quality travel experience.Ms. Zhao praised the way, “in addition to fuel saving, worry saving, popular T5 style car calm, seat comfort and other aspects also gave me a great surprise, let the whole family feel very comfortable, comfortable.”From the faddy commercial car at school, to the faddy T5 style, this is a true story from the faddy car owner after 90.As the leader of Chinese automobile brands, Dongfeng has always shown a strong quality advantage, so it has gained the trust and recognition of many users.And in the popular T5 style, we see the dongfeng popular technical innovation and quality of the car, as well as for users to bring more convenient, high-quality comfortable high quality travel life.The event will run from February 13, 2022 to February 28, 2022

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