Hengshui one middle school was exposed to a number of violations caused by students depression, a teacher was accused of indecency!Official intervention

A student claiming to be taocheng Middle School in Hengshui city, Hebei Province, recently posted a long article on the Internet claiming that taocheng Middle School had violated many rules, including organizing exams illegally, ranking exams publicly, and teachers’ corporal punishment. He said that he had suspended himself from school due to depression.Another student, who identified himself as Xiao Liu (pseudonym) from The Junior Middle school of Taocheng Middle School in Hengshui, Hebei Province, posted on Weibo that “the school teacher surnamed Xu took advantage of the girls by putting his hands into their clothes.”According to the content, the teacher surnamed Xu is suspected of committing lewd acts and corporal punishment on students.February 17 afternoon, Hengshui Taocheng District Education Bureau staff told reporters that the bureau has set up a relevant investigation team, into taocheng middle school field investigation.The reporter noticed that the user’s account had been cancelled, and the matter caused a lot of attention after it was searched hot on February 15.The article, written on February 9, revealed that the author claimed to be a student at Taocheng Middle School in Hengshui who was suspended from school due to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.He said that there are many friends (students) with psychological problems around him. “I don’t know why, but I believe that your university must have contributed to this.”The article accused Hengshui Taocheng Middle School of organizing exams in violation of rules. The school took one test a week and one test a month. The school made public students’ exam results and pasted pictures of top students on each floor of the teaching building every month.The school also has teachers receiving gifts, food safety problems in the school canteen, and unreasonable prices of goods sold in the school.The article also claimed that hengshui Taocheng Middle School works from 5 am to 10 PM, with some students even going to the toilets to finish their homework.To prepare for an inspection by the education department, classrooms will have two schedules, one for real classes and one for inspections.In response to the online article’s allegations, on the afternoon of February 17, taocheng Middle School staff replied to reporters that the school has issued a relevant announcement on the matter.It is reported that before the incident fermented, Taocheng Middle School issued a statement on February 10, saying that the school accused of corporal punishment, verbal punishment of students and other disciplinary behavior is false, if there is a school can call the relevant phone positive communication;The university reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of individuals and related behaviors that cause negative impact and harm to the university on the Internet.According to the official website of Hengshui Taocheng Middle School, the school was founded in September 2013. It is a full-time private boarding middle school with three school departments: junior middle School, senior high School and Xuegu Senior High School.Public information shows that the registered capital of the school is 12 million yuan, and the legal representative is Zhang Fuqian.Hengshui Taocheng Middle School has invested in 3 foreign enterprises, namely Harbin Hengzhong Science and Technology Co., LTD., Zhonghuitangrun Hebei Passenger Transport Co., LTD., hengshui Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Credit Guarantee Co., LTD., among which Zhonghuitangrun Hebei Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. has been listed in the abnormal operation list.Network spread hengshui momoshiro middle school teachers often molesting girl party: no obscene, only occasionally “discipline” recently, a claim to the hebei hengshui momoshiro middle school middle school (hereinafter referred to as the peach in middle school) student xiao liu (a pseudonym) on weibo post said: “the teacher xu topic take advantage of girls, put his hand into his clothes.”The content continued to draw netizens’ attention, with many netizens following up and releasing relevant content on Weibo, Douyin and other platforms.According to the content, the teacher surnamed Xu is suspected of committing lewd acts and corporal punishment on students.In the morning of February 16, a lady who had been taught by Xu Mou xiao Wu (pseudonym) told reporters: “Teacher Xu was my teacher in the second grade, he usually like to play with us these female students, but playing will pull people in the past.Then his hands would rest on her hips and he would even pat her.”16 afternoon, reporters contacted the parties.Heo said, I have never been molested, but I was disciplined a few years ago. Ninety percent of the people who spread rumors on the Internet are students I have never taught. I don t know them, but they may know me.This matter has not affected my work and life for the time being, otherwise I will call the police.”On February 12, a student surnamed Liu, who claimed to be from Hengshui Taozhong Middle School, posted on Weibo that the teacher surnamed Xu took advantage of girls by putting his hand into their clothes and always bullied little girls.In the content, Xiao Liu tells, oneself is not xu some class, but know a lot of “black material”.Once oneself finish a meal, see xu mou station in the teaching downstairs, two girls passing by should be to know him, did not say hello to him, he did not know what to say, after pulling them, in front of a lot of people’s face, “a face wretched” hit their ass.Mr. Yoo said, Mr. Heo was a director of c department in grade one last year. He always likes dark glasses, is fat, and always uses dirty words when talking.Heo is also suspected of insulting male students.After showing the screenshots of her class, Liu told the reporter that he could not reveal more because the school was searching everywhere.Since the school does not allow mobile phones, I did not have a chance to keep evidence.In the micro blog # Hengshui Taocheng Middle School # super words, there are a number of self-proclaimed students of the school echoed Liu’s statement: Xu is suspected of frequent sexual harassment, indecency female students behavior.Subsequently, the reporter contacted a middle school students Lin (pseudonym), she told reporters that they feel that the indecency is not credible, Xu had taken his first day, “although he is strict management, but for the class of female students, he did not do anything harmful to god and reason.”Student: He has a bad temper and I was hit by him at most 27 times. The post became a hot search on Weibo at around 10 am on October 16 after it continued to attract netizens’ attention.Later, the reporter contacted a girl who has graduated from peach middle school xiao Wu, she said she had been taught by Xu.”I have been in high school now, Mr. Xu was my class teacher in grade two, he usually likes to play with us these female students, but playing will pull people in the past.Then his hands would rest on her hips and he would even pat her.”Xiao Wu said that Xu mou’s temper is very bad, the student is not hit that scold, hit up when “particularly ruthless”.The number of hits depends on the person and his mood. When he is in a good mood, two or three sticks, when he is in a bad mood, 10 sticks start. After finishing, the bruise on his hand is not over for a week.”We were basically getting hit every day. I got 27 at most at one time.Heo himself told us that he beat and cursed his son.After the incident attracted attention, a number of netizens from the university voiced their doubts or opinions on Weibo, Douyin and other platforms, such as “Does the education department not care”, “too suffocating” and “too disgusting”.▲ At around 4 PM, Taozhong Middle School issued a statement on its Micro blog about the teacher: There was “discipline”, but the molestation incident did not affect life and work for the time being. On the afternoon of 16th, the reporter contacted the teacher surnamed Xu.In the phone, Xu teacher told reporters that from last night, he knew this matter, and constantly have their students and other teachers transferred to the relevant links.”What happened today is, in principle, an online outrage against me because a lot of the information available on the Internet is false.And of those students who posted negative content, 90 percent of the time they weren’t with me.”Xu said that he has been teaching in Taozhong Middle School for nearly 10 years. Now, he is the director of Class 766, Division C, grade 2, and the subject he teaches is mathematics.Regarding the information on the network, Teacher Xu speculated: “LAST year, I was the director of c department in charge of teaching, and I did more work related to student management. It is difficult to call one person 100 people, so it is normal for individual students not to be satisfied.In addition, sometimes a joke, students may take it seriously.Molestation has never happened. Hengshui Taozhong has strict management and every classroom has cameras.”Teacher Xu said, this year gave up the director of c department, because last year encountered “relatively bad” things, too many students naughty.For corporal punishment, hit the palm of the hand, xu teacher told reporters, it is true.”This was years ago, when schools were not as protective of students as they are now.Sometimes, if individual students are naughty and their parents are busy, they will entrust us to help ‘discipline’ for a while.But it wasn’t intended to hit the student or make the student cry, it was just a symbolic punishment.””So many people have forwarded me links that I don’t want to explain anymore.Two of my students said they could no longer watch the information on the Internet and spoke up for me, only to be abused.I told them that the matter would clear itself and the school would deal with it.So far it hasn’t affected my work or life, otherwise I would have called the police.”Xu said the school had not yet spoken to him and it was unclear whether the school had called the police.▲ Xu suspected to insult the behavior of boys school: net spread for false remarks if constitute a crime will be handed over to the relevant departments subsequently, the reporter dialed the peach middle school telephone.The staff who answered the phone said that the principal and relevant directors were having a meeting to verify the matter, and the result would come after the meeting.”We were shocked to learn of the incident. It is impossible for the school to have such a teacher and we are actively investigating.”If there is an incident, the university will be responsible for it, and if not, it will be clarified online.”According to the staff, the school is strict in screening the qualifications of incoming teachers, such as academic background and interview performance.The reporter noticed that at the same time, the official microblog of taozhong Middle School issued a statement, saying that the recent hot discussion on the network is not true.”For those who do commit cyber crimes, the university will retain evidence and hand it over to the relevant authorities.”In the official website of Taozhong, there is such a description: Hebei Hengshui Taocheng Middle School is a full-time boarding middle school, with three schools: middle school, high school, xuegu high school.Xuegu Campus Middle school and Xuegu High School implement unified management.The university has more than 27,000 students and 3,000 faculty members.The government has set up an investigation team to investigate Internet rumors that taocheng Middle School teachers molested students, an official with the Taocheng District Education Bureau in Hengshui city told reporters on February 18.On February 17, the Taocheng District Education Bureau in Hengshui announced that a joint investigation team had been set up in Taocheng Middle School in response to online reports of problems, and that any violations of law and discipline will be dealt with seriously and the results will be released to the public in a timely manner.A reporter from Thepaper.cn noticed that taocheng Middle School released a “solemn statement” on its official weibo account on February 16, saying that taocheng Middle School recently received relevant information that a person, douyin, Weibo and other clients posted videos and articles that distorted facts, spread rumors, maliciously hype and slander the reputation of the school.And the objective comments of students and parents and love the school behavior wanton attack, resulting in psychological fluctuations of students, seriously affecting the normal school management order.The statement said the school attaches great importance to the construction of discipline and ethics. If students are punished by corporal punishment or verbal punishment, please call the school’s discipline supervision office or the principal’s office for positive communication. The school will investigate one by one and take stern actions in accordance with the law and the requirements of the school.The statement said the school reserves the right to hold individuals and related activities responsible for causing negative impact and harm to the school online.The school will keep an eye on the development of the network, attach great importance to the rationalization suggestions and make adjustments and improvements.The statement was signed on February 10.Hengshui momoshiro middle school’s official website, according to the school is a full-time boarding school, middle school, the school, learn three JiaoBu valley high school, has won the “hengshui city civilization unit”, “demonstration parent school in hebei province”, “parents education research in hebei province experimental school”, “hengshui city sports work advanced unit” and other honorary titles.According to Tianyan, Hengshui Taocheng Middle School was registered in September 2013 with a registered capital of 12 million yuan and its legal representative was Zhang Fuqian. In December 2021, the school was administratively punished for failing to implement the fire protection system.Source: thepaper.cn, upstream news, cover news, Shandong Business daily responsible editor: pomelo copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement please timely contact

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