Oil prices up four times in a rowRidicule 6 million new energy vehicle fuel car owners, still insist on what?

According to the report, as of 24:00 on February 17th, the domestic oil price started to rise. Compared with the earlier oil price, the existing oil price directly increased by 0.14-0.16 yuan/liter, and then set a new high.According to the general family expenses car tank 50 l capacity estimation, fill it up with a case of 92 # gasoline spend 8 yuan, 92 # gasoline in some areas close to 7.8 yuan/liter, rising oil prices make many fuel car owners feel headache, and as many as 6 million new energy car owner seems lucky, thanks to chose the new energy vehicles, in-use vehicle cost above big savings.Different from fuel cars, an electric car with the same battery capacity of 50KW.h will cost only 90 yuan ($1.80) on a full charge based on the 1.8 degree charge from a public charging pile.Pure electric cars do save money than petrol cars.Compared with oil cars, many people choose to buy pure electric cars that do not burn oil. Compared with the oil price, even if the electricity price increases by 10%, it is still much cheaper than the oil price, and it is also more environmentally friendly.It seems that the inability to fill up gas has become the distress and self-mockery of many owners of fuel cars. Even if the oil price rises, the owners of fuel cars remain unmoved. In general, there are several aspects that lead to the owners of fuel cars not optimistic about pure electric cars.Worry about pure electric car technology is not mature and the electric car is still emerging industries, from the industry perspective, obviously is not yet mature, some upgrading electric vehicle speed, even faced with from time to time, spontaneous combustion range during summer and winter seasons, and that for fuel vehicles, some problems are basically not going to happen, in life, for example, fill up to run 560 kilometers,Even in summer and winter, it will not cause endurance attenuation because of environmental problems. At the same time, even if the vehicle has problems, it does not need to go to a special repair place. As long as the fuel car is a repair shop, it can be repaired, and it does not need to worry about technical problems in the later stage.The high cost of insurance and fuel vehicles, pure electric car insurance costs higher than the fuel vehicle, for fuel car insurance is more perfect, as a kind of new products and new energy vehicles, before that there is no specific insurance, new energy automobile product development or at the fledgling stage, have no history data and mature experience for support.The insurance industry still faces difficulties in new product development, rate formulation, product sales and risk control.It was only at the end of last year that new energy vehicles had their own type of insurance, but prices are likely to rise year after year even if owners stay in the car.Take the third party liability insurance of ordinary fuel vehicles as an example. The third party liability insurance of fuel vehicles is generally 10 million yuan, but the third party liability insurance of new energy vehicles is as high as 40 million yuan. At the same time, the premiums of different models are inconsistent, and there is almost no difference in the third party liability insurance of fuel vehicles.It can be seen that even today when the oil price rises four times in a row, no matter how much advantage pure electric vehicles have, the owners of fuel vehicles are not moved. Under the current situation, the supporting facilities of new energy vehicles may not be very mature, and there is still a lack of conditions to really be a popular car on the road.For most consumers, it is better to buy a worrying product than to buy a worrying thing. From the point of view of use, it is better to buy a gasoline car.

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