Ridiculous!The Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee has responded to rumors of a nuclear power plant

The shougang ski jump, located in the shijingshan district of Beijing, is the venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, where Gu Ailing, the “gifted girl”, won the gold medal on Thursday.The picture shows Gu Ailing warming up, with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics logo printed on shougang cooling tower in the background.Built in the old industrial park of Shougang, the ramp is 64 meters high and 164 meters long, which fully embodies the value of the reconstruction of industrial heritage site.Under the blue sky, cooling towers and chimneys set off the ski jump with advanced technology. The combination of “industrial punk” style with the Olympics has won the praise of athletes and journalists in many countries.”This field is amazing”!The USA Today reporter took a photo with the shougang platform.USA Today’s deputy visual editor Sandy Hopper posted a photo of herself with shougang’s platform on social media with the caption, “Greetings from Shougang Park, this is…The first freestyle aerial final in Olympic history!”American freestyle skier Alexander Hall said the big jumps were “like taking a part of nature and moving it to the city. It looks almost perfect!””This field is so great, I get to jump in this cool place.””Said British freestyle skier Kirsty Muir.On February 8, Gu Ailing of China holds up her “Jin Dun Dun” after winning the gold medal on the ski platform in Shougang, Beijing.Gu said in a previous interview that “all the athletes told her” that the Shougang platform was “the best place they had ever skied.”Gu believes that the slope of the big jump is suitable, the artificial snow is not so hard, and the four former cooling towers beside it make the competition area full of cool atmosphere. “This is the atmosphere needed for the big jump,” she said.French freestyle skier Antoine Adelis told the outlet: “THE first time I stood on the top of the mountain I was a bit disappointed because you usually see a lot of mountains at the top.But when the lights come on, it’s really good.”Beijing Winter Olympics Park is next to The Shougang Industrial Park, and the ski jumping platform and the Shougang Bridge are in perfect contrast.Is the big jump a nuclear power plant?Mark Andreessen, a well-known American entrepreneur, disagreed with the athletes at the event.He recently posted two photos on wai.com, claiming he was “angry” at shougang’s big jump — “we should have a nuclear reactor next to the ski slope,” he said.▲ The shougang platform in the eyes of American entrepreneur Anderson.Some foreign media also use meaningful headlines to catch the eye.▲ Foreign media reported shougang Park with the title of “Is that a nuclear power plant? The story behind the Towers of the Winter Olympics Platform”.Without knowing the origin of the big jump, some netizens mistaking the long-discontinued cooling towers as signs of a nuclear power plant.▲ Foreign media correctly explained that the Shougang platform is located in a former steel mill, was criticized by people outside the Internet, that is a nuclear power plant.Netizen popular science, fancy point praise big jump platform to this, know science netizen cannot sit still.▲ Netizens responded to Anderson with popular science.”Interesting fact: None of China’s nuclear power plants have cooling towers.They’re all on the coast and they use seawater, so they don’t need…However, many other industrial facilities use cooling towers, such as coal-fired power plants (or decommissioned steel mills).”▲ Internet user popular science shougang big jumping platform history.”It used to be a steel plant, not a nuclear power plant, and now it’s a sports center, an event space, a huge park and even a wedding venue.Oh, it’s the only permanent ski jump in the world.Some even showed two pictures of shougang Park under different lenses.”This is another Angle of Shougang Park, actually, it looks like a cool place!” the netizen first posted an image.▲ Netizens forward pictures of Shougang Park.It then went on to post the image posted by Anderson, pointing out that it might as well be the BBC Grey filter below that many people chose to share.▲ Netizens claim that the photos taken by foreign media of Shougang Park are “BBC Grey filter”.Comments that the shougang platform is “dystopian” are “silly and absurd”, as it is actually an award-winning urban regeneration project, according to netizens.▲ Netizens counter criticism of Shougang Park.Photo credit: Screenshot from Twitter.There are netizens sincerely expressed that shougang big jumping platform super cool!Only bad people don’t think that…Shougang platform: Super cool.As a matter of fact, the renovation of Shougang Park is not a source of “nuclear pollution”, as netizens popular science suggests, but an excellent case of environmental reuse and renovation of old factories.Back in 2018, the International Olympic Committee officially “liked” it.▲ The official website of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee “praised” the reconstruction and reuse of Shougang Park in 2018.Not only has the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organizing committee already moved its headquarters to the renovated Shougang Park, but other nearby industrial monuments have also been renovated “for a healthier and more inclusive future,” according to the IOC website.Zhang Lize, dean of the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University and general director of the design of Zhangjiakou For the Beijing Winter Olympics, said the design of shougang ski platform incorporates elements of the “flying sky” ribbon in dunhuang frescoes.When athletes start from the top of the platform, they can see the remains of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall in the distance. “This visual scene will positively affect athletes’ memory of the venues for the Winter Olympics,” zhang said.▲ Shougang ski big jump.Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, made the remarks at a press conference Sunday.He said online articles on social media that referred to cooling towers at steel mills as nuclear facilities were “fantastic and ridiculous”.Bocog has also noted that enthusiastic netizens from many countries and some foreign media have done a good job in popularizing science, for which it is grateful.According to Zhao, shougang ski jump is the first competition venue in the history of the Winter Olympics that is directly connected with the reuse of industrial heritage, and it will also be the world’s first permanent ski jump.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has repeatedly cited the Shougang Park as an example of sustainable development and frugality in hosting the Games, and he once described the transformation as “amazing,” Zhao said.Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, inspected the venue of shougang Winter Olympics.”I can tell you that this is a very spectacular site,” Bach said when the shougang park renovation proposal was approved. “It’s interesting from an architectural point of view.If you get a chance to see it, don’t miss it.”In fact, the closer we get to the Winter Olympics, the more we can find the good intentions of China as the host.Summed up with the words of the netizens, shougang ski big jump, is “the coolest”!Disclaimer: This article is transferred from China News Network (ID: CNS2012), thank you!

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