Sanming sanyuan, Fujian: “Lin Chang + Prosecutor-general” let the prosecution blue reflect the castle peak

“We have promised that the roads and houses occupying the woodland in the village will be demolished as required and are on schedule to complete vegetation restoration by this spring…””The party promised at the meeting.The Procuratorate of Sanyuan District in Sanming City, Fujian Province, recently “looked back” at the punishment case of forest land under its jurisdiction during its public supervision, and found that the illegally occupied forest land in an area under its jurisdiction had not been restored to its original state, and the illegally occupied forest land area was still expanding.By district forestry bureau appraisal, was changed without authorization of the forest area of 530 square meters.The hospital held a joint meeting of “Chief Lin + Chief Procurator” and a round table meeting before administrative public interest litigation.At the meeting, the person in charge of the relevant functional department stated the performance of duties and the proposed rectification plan and made the performance commitment.Representatives at the meeting discussed the rectification plan and agreed that the rectification plan is practical and feasible, which can achieve the goal of restoring forest land and resolving social conflicts.Under the joint promotion of the procuratorial organs and a number of functional units, the roads and houses occupying the forestland in the village under the current jurisdiction have been all demolished, and the damaged forestland and riverbank have been gradually restored.In the next step, the Academy will give full play to its procuratorial function, take active responsibility and further deepen the mechanism of “chief forest + chief procurator” to strengthen source control and effectively protect the forest resources under its jurisdiction.Source: Justice Network

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