Scientists have found that the strength of the global magnetic field has been reduced by 9%.

Speaking of Mars, people’s first impression must be “desolate, harsh environment, thin air, large temperature difference between day and night” and so on. Even the most harsh desert environment on Earth, the living conditions are tens of thousands of times better than Mars.In fact, most of the earth’s neighbours, also belong to the solar system to a habitable planet, Mars in 3.9 billion before the climate condition is also very good, according to the rover now play, in the early days of Mars, not now, when Mars is rich in water resource, a vibrant scene.The way Mars looks today has a lot to do with its magnetic field. It was a series of events that caused the magnetic field to disappear, and eventually Mars became what it is today.There are many theories in the scientific community about the loss of Mars’ magnetic field, but one of the most widely accepted is that 3.9 billion years ago, a huge asteroid struck Mars.The impact did a lot of damage to Mars, and the most deadly damage was to the planet’s innermost core, which slowly stopped spinning and cooled down.As the core rotates, it acts like a rotating conductor for a dynamo, generating electricity and cutting magnetic lines, creating a magnetic field around the planet. And as the core stops spinning, the end result is the disappearance of Mars’ magnetic field.When Mars’s magnetic field disappears, the planet is unprotected. When the solar wind and cosmic rays reach Mars, they hit the surface directly, eventually blowing the water and atmosphere away, leaving the planet as it is today.If the Magnetic field of Mars had not disappeared, it is uncertain whether life and civilization would have been born under the same conditions as earth 3.9 billion years ago. However, the disappearance of Mars’ magnetic field would have ended all of this.This shows the importance of a magnetic field for the birth of life on a planet. Earth has always been protected by a magnetic field, which can deflect the solar wind, effectively block the harm of cosmic rays, and ultimately create favorable conditions for the birth of life on Earth.The Earth’s magnetic field has been protecting life on Earth for billions of years, and will continue to protect life on earth as a whole, barring accidents, but sometimes accidents do happen.The European space agency’s satellites (Swarm), to monitor the earth’s magnetic field, found that the eyes from Africa to South America the earth, the earth’s magnetic field is weakening, and some parts of the magnetic field even appear rupture, scientists call this phenomenon “magnetic anomaly in the south Pacific area” (SAA), according to the scientists speculate that in the past 200 years,The strength of the entire earth’s magnetic field has been damaged by about 9 percent, and in the south Pacific anomaly, the minimum strength has dropped from 24,000 to 22,000 natlas in the 50 years from 1970 to 2020, and this area of magnetic field decline is expanding at a rate of 20 kilometers per year.And in southwest Africa, there’s also an anomaly in the earth’s magnetic field, which means that there’s a rupture between the anomaly in the South Pacific and the anomaly in southwest Africa.Scientists are puzzled as to why earth’s magnetic field behaves this way, with some suggesting it could be a precursor to reversals.Because in the earth’s long time, the magnetic field is not invariable, the magnetic pole has flipped many times, according to the magnetization of the rock, in the past more than 20 million years, about 100 times, the turnover cycle is about more than 200,000 years.Every turn the earth’s magnetic field takes about 1000, and in this time period, due to the magnetic field of the flip, cause temporary loss of field protection, make the solar wind and radiation are more likely to reach the surface of the earth, in severe cases, can lead to extinction, human ancestors in the lowest, the whole earth only 10000 people survived,You can see the danger.According to the study, the last time the magnetic field flipped was about 770,000 years ago, which is well past that in terms of reversal cycles, so it’s not surprising that earth’s magnetic field flipped at any time.A magnetic anomaly in the South Pacific could be a precursor to a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field.If the reversal of The Earth’s magnetic field is bad enough, the alternative to the south Pacific anomaly, which could turn Earth into Mars, is even worse.Some scientists speculate that the earth’s magnetic field is abnormal, because the temperature of the earth’s interior is decreasing, and there is research evidence that the temperature of the earth’s interior is decreasing.As a result, some of the liquid metal cools down and becomes less fluid in the process, just as the inside of a generator slows down, and in some places the inside may have started to solidify, and in the process, the strength of the magnetic field in that area starts to drop.And if this situation is caused by the earth’s magnetic field is changed, then it means that some changes are happening in the interior of the earth, once the core of the interior of the earth stopped rotating, so the earth will lose the protection of the magnetic field, become another Mars, and the all life on earth will be destroyed, and the earth will become desolate, like Mars.

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